Thursday, August 19, 2010

Political Stuff

Iraq - Obama is pulling out the troops but putting in civilian security forces to replace them. Duh! Americans are Americans. The military is volunteer just like these security forces. I believe he said 'we' would get Americans out of harms way by so-and-so. Taking away the uniform does not get Americans out of harms way.

Florida - In a recent trip to Florida to show us that the beaches were safe, Obama also went on the stump for his favorite politician. I wonder which was his purpose and who paid for the trip.

I am not disappointed to know this...I didn't expect the whole truth anyway from this bunch.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Oil and Fish

The government does not have divine power. They cannot go on a campaign to convince us that all the fish in the gulf are safe to eat and it be so. Facts are much more solid than government propaganda. I want the fish to be safe too. I want the economy in the gulf to blossom. I want the people to have their jobs back and for the water to be safe to swim in. All these are wants and they do not make everything okay.

There is a process that must go on. I do not understand all about how it works. I do believe that the offspring of those fish that are now infected will need to be inspected by someone besides the government.

I also believe that it is the long term consumption of humans that determines the ultimate risk of what they eat.

A rush to get fish back on the market that is later determined to be unsafe will have much more long term damaging effect on the economy of the gulf than if patience prevails and the job is done correctly.

Just because you can take a short stroll in the dark and not be harmed does not mean that a longer stroll is safe or that there is nothing lurking out there. Better to be safe.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Frankenstein - Dean Koontz - Book Review

Frankenstein by Dean Koontz subtitled lost souls.

I reckon this is a series he is doing. I missed the first several books but plan to hunt them down. I've quit my book club Mystery Guild because their customer service is unresponsive.

Dean Koontz is a great writer. He juggles a host of characters with wonderful skill. I did find this particular book an adults only read. He still refrains from the usual curse words and ugly talk. He chooses rather to describe the word which in this book is a tactic used more often than in other books I've read by him. I hope he finds that unnecessary in future works.

Frankenstein has been with us a long time. In this book, Koontz brings him back all supercharged and using modern technology. The monster is a good guy though and has some new tricks all his own. I have to wait until December to see if all these characters are good enough to defeat the ultimate bad guy. I'm sure it will be worth the wait.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

The Changing Face of America

It is always a little dangerous to bring up this subject. People will cry racist and a bunch of other dirty names. BUT, whether you believe it or not, this is not about race in a bad way. It is more of a questioning, if you will, about the ever changing face of America.

We have always been made up of people from all over the world. Up until recent years, the people who come here (between the oceans) have sought to become part of the culture that was here. They learned the language. They learned the land and worked it. They learned the laws and obeyed them.

I do not see that happening now. I see people who refuse to learn the language and insist that we learn theirs. We being those who speak English, since that is the language we have been using since we started. (Hint: the constitution.) We, who have a certain kind of culture which varies from one area of the country to another, but basically we like how we make our hotdogs and cook our apple pies. We like for people to obey the law because it keeps us safe when they do.

There is obviously an ongoing effort to change our culture to fit with the culture of the orgin countries of these newcomers. Let me say it, I think women are beautiful and I like to see them smile. They brighten up the day. I think women should be treated with respect. We compliment each other (men and women). We should not be at odds with each other because we are different. I like to grow stuff, they like to cook it. That does not make the grower better than the cooker. Am I so big and strong that I have to beat a women to show how big and strong I am? Of course not.

If you are mad, please don't take it out on my computer. I'm just kicking around the thoughts in my head. I'm not saying our ways are the only ways. They are just the ways we like. We speak English here. It is probably because it was English speaking people who put everything on the line to secure our great nation. Sure we had some help. It was our idea though.

I still say 'Come on over' but I say 'Come on over' under the guidelines set down in the law, the same laws people have been coming here under for centuries. And please don't try to change me. I'm still working on my English and the religion I've been practicing since childhood. I really don't need to confuse my efforts by mixing it up with something else. If I was going to another country, I would try to learn something about it. What's the language? What do they eat? What's their faith? Is the water safe? But I'm here and I reckon I'll stay here, so let's just try to do right and leave the road signs in a language I understand.