Monday, August 16, 2010

Oil and Fish

The government does not have divine power. They cannot go on a campaign to convince us that all the fish in the gulf are safe to eat and it be so. Facts are much more solid than government propaganda. I want the fish to be safe too. I want the economy in the gulf to blossom. I want the people to have their jobs back and for the water to be safe to swim in. All these are wants and they do not make everything okay.

There is a process that must go on. I do not understand all about how it works. I do believe that the offspring of those fish that are now infected will need to be inspected by someone besides the government.

I also believe that it is the long term consumption of humans that determines the ultimate risk of what they eat.

A rush to get fish back on the market that is later determined to be unsafe will have much more long term damaging effect on the economy of the gulf than if patience prevails and the job is done correctly.

Just because you can take a short stroll in the dark and not be harmed does not mean that a longer stroll is safe or that there is nothing lurking out there. Better to be safe.

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