Monday, September 28, 2009


Noise. Do you hear it? It causes the ears to tingle. It disturbs the thought process. It befuddles all of us who can't go out and sit on a deer stand or is it stand on a deer seat.

It is the noise of rogue nations trying to get attention. It is the noise of politicians trying to say something that will convince us they are actually doing something to make us more secure. That is, so long as the polls say it will not hinder them in the next election.

I wonder if it is finally true that the 'sky is falling'. Well not until it is suppose to fall, I'm sure.

It is the noise that fills our life. I can see why many people have tuned out. I don't think it is the right thing to do, but I understand it.

It is the noise of indecision. Of diplomacy. Of punishment being put off for another day.

You're in your bed at night. A man comes in and says he is going to kill you and rape your wife. There is a school of thought that would have you tell the bad guy to wait a minute while you turn over your gun to him. That you would say "I'm afraid I will get mad when you start doing all those things and I don't want to offend you." There is another school of thought that says that there are times when talking is just not appropriate.

I'm afraid we are in the first school of thought these days. We will just talk to them and change their radical ideas, then we won't have to hurt them when they go ahead and do what they were going to do to start with.

Well, I just can't talk about it......

Thursday, September 24, 2009

That Jennings Man - Czar

You can usually judge people by the people they hang around with and Obama has chosen the worst possible choice for a very sensitive job. He obviously wants to be thought of as one person and be another. His ideas are not American.

To pick a man who stands against everything our country was founded on to oversee the school system is the height of low. Jennings does not deserve to be in public service.
Parents need to grab their children away from public schools as they would if terrorist were on the loose there. This is very sad. Trying to clean up the school system would be like trying to clean up a hog pen while it is full of hogs. I know some teachers are trying to do the right thing but the monster in the house is too big for those who care about right. We need to pull out of the system and let it fail. Then it can be rebuilt from the ground up, if that is what seems right then.

Dad in the Old Days

Wednesday, September 23, 2009


Sumer was an old old civilization in present day Iraq. I choose this name for my book which had little to do with the early civilization except to use that location for an important discovery (in the book). My theory (in the book) was that we did not come from a people who were ignorant of science but rather had advanced beyond our knowledge. They then were wiped out by the flood. When the discovery is made, it shows scientist just how far we have to go to catch up. Sumer Galactic Information Control Center by Milton J Southerland.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

First Day of Fall

Fall is a great time of year. It gets cool and the rain comes. Both cheer me up, although I must say that I am really really happy lately. The ground needs to be replenished and it sure has been getting it around here.

I remember one year, on the farm, when it rained so much the cotton never did open up. The river backed around the fields and was creeping toward our front door. The backwater was so high the rabbits had to stand on top of each other and that Coosawattee River was acting like the Mississippi. We could hunt the backwater from our front porch and fish in the corn field when the waters finally started to go down. The cows had to hold their breath to eat the grass. Did I say it was wet? That was before the dam was finished and they started regulating the water.

My 'burning bush' is turning red and some of the trees are starting to turn already. Get out those cameras. The roses are still trying to bloom but the blooms are not as full as they were at first.

I'm a year older that I thought I ever would be and politics still smells of deceit. I wonder where the next scandal will blossom from in the spring. But I'm staying off politics today. I just feel too good to spoil it.

Of course, I'm jesting some in this post but the water was very high.

At the same place, we experienced a very bad winter. I remember being caught out in a sleet storm and the burning on my face as I ran toward the house. The power lines sagged so much it seem they would surely break. I think I could have touched them in places. We kept our clothes on all the time then. At night, we could hear the wallpaper breaking loose from the wall. They have improved glue since then. The cows loved us during these icy days as we brought them feed or took them to the barn for milking. The old mule just got more stubborn. That's understandable though, he was a mule and that is how they act.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

I have lost my Sense of Humor

Have you seen my sense of humor? I've looked and looked. All I found along the way were stories of an administration that is bent on destroying our nation. What's he so mad at us for? I mean we've made mistakes but we feel guilty and try to make up for it. Don't we? We help the poor and are loaded with charities that help people. It's been said that Americans are the givingest people around. So why is our president so made at the United States? Did it not give him the opportunity to rise to the top of the heap, even if he made Chicago his last choice for a residence. (Well, except for Washington DC.) He reminds me of the song 'I've been everywhere". Indonesia, Pakistan.... Well, you get the drift. We still are not sure if he was born in Hawaii or not. A date stamped birth certificate, where's the original? Doesn't Hawaii have a courthouse?

Pardon me for being so mean. Between playing dumb about ACORN and scrapping the missile defense system in Europe just because he wants to be buddies with the president of Russia, I lost my humor about the stuff he is doing. He always has something kool to say about everything but if it is a tough one he sends out his press secretary. As much as he likes to talk, you'd think his press secretary would have nothing to do.

I just cannot trust anything anyone says whose first decision was to allow abortion to go on freely which by-the-way is the taking of a little babies life. If someone cares nothing for an unborn baby, how can you trust anything he says?

If he were an executive of a company, he would already be before the board for ruining the company's reputation and they would be talking about severance pay for not talking anymore in the name of the company. I'm sick of hearing him. I don't like Biden because he believes a lot like the president but I've decided I am ready to give Obama a full retirement under the condition that he make no more presidential decisions and resign for personal reasons.

President Obama has been given the chance to make a good difference in this country but he has used the opportunity to undermine everything our nation stands for. Without ACORN, I wonder if he would have even been elected in the first place.

As a disclaimer because my words are so plain today. I in no way encourage violence and anyone who resorts to it are enemies of a civil society. I am saying that he should leave for breach of his oath of office. That's all.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

"Acorn" Acorn - Not the Tree Kind

Acorn is one of the biggest scandals ever in this country, yet the mainstream media has basically ignored the story for a long time. When they start importing underage children for prostitution, it is time to show some interest.

We need to wake up to the fact that what they are calling news is nothing more than orchestrated propaganda. They pick out what they want to be news and make it the news. It in no way resembles what is happening in the world.

When the news media becomes an instrument of any party or administration or idea, it should set off loud alarm bells.

I am glad there are still some sources to get the facts from but, more and more, you have to search for those sources.

Monday, September 14, 2009

The Awakening

I'm not sure but I think some people are waking up to the antics of our present presidential administration. It's just my opinion but I think Mister Obama is all about Mister Obama. Not a day goes by that he is not on the television. It is not because he is making news but because he is using his position to get in front of the camera. There are several people I like but I don't want, even them, in my face all the time. What we need is less talk and some of the sort of action that will help our country. In this case, perhaps inaction is the best thing because I have not like his action so far.

We all know that the office of president usually reflects the country. In some cases, we may get what we deserve, good or bad. We have not exactly held the banner of doing right very high lately. I suppose Wall Street should be part of a free enterprise system but I DO NOT think they should be able to dictate the actions of government.

It is obvious, with only a brief read or listen, that giant corporations have not learned their lesson. They are back to the big bonuses and salaries (if they ever quit) only now it comes directly out of the taxpayers pocket. We can all expect much more attention from the IRS to pay for all this giveaway.

Out in the real world, if a person commits a crime, they go to court and to jail. An example of a crime is someone taking money from someone else by force. A blue jean clad, pick up driver gets arrested and is carted off to jail. If he tries to say he is innocent, he is slammed to the ground for resisting arrest. Well, that may be extreme. Turn to the Wall Street, Washington DC crowd and they are brought before Congress and given 57 years to say they are sorry and a new identity if they will tell on their mother.

I'm reading a book entitled The Law by Frederic Bastiat who wrote of a similar situation in old France. He warned against the government taking money from the people and being in charge of everything. He also warned against using the law to enforce government sanctioned crime. Of course, the government did not call it crime. It is a program if the government does it.

France was turning to socialism. Bastiat told of how socialism would progress into communism. I would add that in our case it will neither be called socialism nor communism. It will have some necessary name such as health care or fiscal reform. The result will be the same and that is the loss of freedom.

Those who would lead our country down this road that leads to destruction are not in a real big hurry. They can work on it through several generations (have they not been doing just that) until people have forgotten what freedom was like. The problem with freedom is that for it to work, people must respect the freedom of others and that is the problem. Many want freedom to do as they please without regard to its effect on others. That is not the purpose of freedom.

Many years ago someone made the statement "my freedom ends where another's freedom begins". Said another way: One persons rights end where another person's rights begin.

So while there are real problems in our nation, Washington is surrounded by a thick fog. That analogy should explain itself.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

What happened to manners?

I left to go overseas and the world changed while I was gone.

I am not an outgoing person. I've always been shy and meeting people is most difficult for me. Speaking in public is equal to standing before a firing squad. Honestly, I felt more comfortable crawling under barbed wire with bullets flying over me than I do standing in front of a crowd.

Even with that dread of people, it has always been my feeling that I should be polite to these monsters. You know a please here, a thank you there, excuse me sir or ma'am. Open a door here and there, say 'May I help you.' if I was behind the desk. Just common words that make people feel comfortable.

Those things still happen here and there but they do not ring as true as they once did. For example "May I help you." is now said as a challenge when you have lingered too long in one place. "Excuse me" has a mean tone as if to say "Are you nuts or something?"

I'm not mister congeniality and I admit this 'knock-down, drag-out' world can make one mean at times but it seems that, in general, manners have gone out the window.

The boys at the grocery store even got it all figured out. If you got two small bags of cereal, they will 'may I help you' (mostly it's a grunt that is interpreted as 'you need help' -even a caveman can do it) but if you got ten bags with milk, juice and a poke of 'taters, they find something else to do in the back. Checker-outers have even gotten to the point of waiting for the customer to say thank-you so they can say 'your welcome'.

Being elderly nowadays means you are last in line and must plan a defensive game plan before going into a store. As in finding safe havens between stacks of soft drinks or diverting into the ladies underwear section to avoid getting run over or pushed aside. I always watch out for that bulldog snare beyond a buggy that says, 'I'm bad and I got the pounds to prove it.'

Well, it's a mean world. I'd say they can't help it but they could. Maybe they were not taught but they could learn if they wanted to be polite. Polite is just not popular. I thought it was a joke when I heard it at first but apparently people have taken the phrase 'nice guys finish last' as a replacement for the golden rule which, by the way, is "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you."

Thank You!