Monday, September 14, 2009

The Awakening

I'm not sure but I think some people are waking up to the antics of our present presidential administration. It's just my opinion but I think Mister Obama is all about Mister Obama. Not a day goes by that he is not on the television. It is not because he is making news but because he is using his position to get in front of the camera. There are several people I like but I don't want, even them, in my face all the time. What we need is less talk and some of the sort of action that will help our country. In this case, perhaps inaction is the best thing because I have not like his action so far.

We all know that the office of president usually reflects the country. In some cases, we may get what we deserve, good or bad. We have not exactly held the banner of doing right very high lately. I suppose Wall Street should be part of a free enterprise system but I DO NOT think they should be able to dictate the actions of government.

It is obvious, with only a brief read or listen, that giant corporations have not learned their lesson. They are back to the big bonuses and salaries (if they ever quit) only now it comes directly out of the taxpayers pocket. We can all expect much more attention from the IRS to pay for all this giveaway.

Out in the real world, if a person commits a crime, they go to court and to jail. An example of a crime is someone taking money from someone else by force. A blue jean clad, pick up driver gets arrested and is carted off to jail. If he tries to say he is innocent, he is slammed to the ground for resisting arrest. Well, that may be extreme. Turn to the Wall Street, Washington DC crowd and they are brought before Congress and given 57 years to say they are sorry and a new identity if they will tell on their mother.

I'm reading a book entitled The Law by Frederic Bastiat who wrote of a similar situation in old France. He warned against the government taking money from the people and being in charge of everything. He also warned against using the law to enforce government sanctioned crime. Of course, the government did not call it crime. It is a program if the government does it.

France was turning to socialism. Bastiat told of how socialism would progress into communism. I would add that in our case it will neither be called socialism nor communism. It will have some necessary name such as health care or fiscal reform. The result will be the same and that is the loss of freedom.

Those who would lead our country down this road that leads to destruction are not in a real big hurry. They can work on it through several generations (have they not been doing just that) until people have forgotten what freedom was like. The problem with freedom is that for it to work, people must respect the freedom of others and that is the problem. Many want freedom to do as they please without regard to its effect on others. That is not the purpose of freedom.

Many years ago someone made the statement "my freedom ends where another's freedom begins". Said another way: One persons rights end where another person's rights begin.

So while there are real problems in our nation, Washington is surrounded by a thick fog. That analogy should explain itself.

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