Thursday, September 24, 2009

That Jennings Man - Czar

You can usually judge people by the people they hang around with and Obama has chosen the worst possible choice for a very sensitive job. He obviously wants to be thought of as one person and be another. His ideas are not American.

To pick a man who stands against everything our country was founded on to oversee the school system is the height of low. Jennings does not deserve to be in public service.
Parents need to grab their children away from public schools as they would if terrorist were on the loose there. This is very sad. Trying to clean up the school system would be like trying to clean up a hog pen while it is full of hogs. I know some teachers are trying to do the right thing but the monster in the house is too big for those who care about right. We need to pull out of the system and let it fail. Then it can be rebuilt from the ground up, if that is what seems right then.

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