Tuesday, September 22, 2009

First Day of Fall

Fall is a great time of year. It gets cool and the rain comes. Both cheer me up, although I must say that I am really really happy lately. The ground needs to be replenished and it sure has been getting it around here.

I remember one year, on the farm, when it rained so much the cotton never did open up. The river backed around the fields and was creeping toward our front door. The backwater was so high the rabbits had to stand on top of each other and that Coosawattee River was acting like the Mississippi. We could hunt the backwater from our front porch and fish in the corn field when the waters finally started to go down. The cows had to hold their breath to eat the grass. Did I say it was wet? That was before the dam was finished and they started regulating the water.

My 'burning bush' is turning red and some of the trees are starting to turn already. Get out those cameras. The roses are still trying to bloom but the blooms are not as full as they were at first.

I'm a year older that I thought I ever would be and politics still smells of deceit. I wonder where the next scandal will blossom from in the spring. But I'm staying off politics today. I just feel too good to spoil it.

Of course, I'm jesting some in this post but the water was very high.

At the same place, we experienced a very bad winter. I remember being caught out in a sleet storm and the burning on my face as I ran toward the house. The power lines sagged so much it seem they would surely break. I think I could have touched them in places. We kept our clothes on all the time then. At night, we could hear the wallpaper breaking loose from the wall. They have improved glue since then. The cows loved us during these icy days as we brought them feed or took them to the barn for milking. The old mule just got more stubborn. That's understandable though, he was a mule and that is how they act.

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