Thursday, September 17, 2009

I have lost my Sense of Humor

Have you seen my sense of humor? I've looked and looked. All I found along the way were stories of an administration that is bent on destroying our nation. What's he so mad at us for? I mean we've made mistakes but we feel guilty and try to make up for it. Don't we? We help the poor and are loaded with charities that help people. It's been said that Americans are the givingest people around. So why is our president so made at the United States? Did it not give him the opportunity to rise to the top of the heap, even if he made Chicago his last choice for a residence. (Well, except for Washington DC.) He reminds me of the song 'I've been everywhere". Indonesia, Pakistan.... Well, you get the drift. We still are not sure if he was born in Hawaii or not. A date stamped birth certificate, where's the original? Doesn't Hawaii have a courthouse?

Pardon me for being so mean. Between playing dumb about ACORN and scrapping the missile defense system in Europe just because he wants to be buddies with the president of Russia, I lost my humor about the stuff he is doing. He always has something kool to say about everything but if it is a tough one he sends out his press secretary. As much as he likes to talk, you'd think his press secretary would have nothing to do.

I just cannot trust anything anyone says whose first decision was to allow abortion to go on freely which by-the-way is the taking of a little babies life. If someone cares nothing for an unborn baby, how can you trust anything he says?

If he were an executive of a company, he would already be before the board for ruining the company's reputation and they would be talking about severance pay for not talking anymore in the name of the company. I'm sick of hearing him. I don't like Biden because he believes a lot like the president but I've decided I am ready to give Obama a full retirement under the condition that he make no more presidential decisions and resign for personal reasons.

President Obama has been given the chance to make a good difference in this country but he has used the opportunity to undermine everything our nation stands for. Without ACORN, I wonder if he would have even been elected in the first place.

As a disclaimer because my words are so plain today. I in no way encourage violence and anyone who resorts to it are enemies of a civil society. I am saying that he should leave for breach of his oath of office. That's all.

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