Tuesday, March 30, 2010

God and Country

We are perhaps the only nation on earth that knocks our own religion(s). By religion, in this case, I mean a belief in one God. Generally, in some form, the United States has been a nation that honored God. Individually, there are differences of opinion and different styles of worship. Collectively, there has been a 'looking up' to the higher power for help when we were in a bind.

These days, in the media at least, when God or Jesus are mentioned, there is a slur attached to the story, most of the time. If there is a story that involves a Christian going wrong, it will make the big story. Not all broadcasters are guilty, many are.

I wonder why it is us, the city on the hill, who think tolerance must mean forsaking the goodness of God in our lives. It is total arrogance to think that we are the most powerful. It is also most dangerous. We have been blessed for our charity toward the world. We have been blessed for our friendship with Israel. We have been blessed because we give credence to God.

There are voices that talk loud and long. They are often heard and adhered to as if they were the majority. It is not right to do so. Those who go quietly about their lives without trying to impose on others, also have a say in how our nation looks or does not look to our Creator. Those who speak by their actions of being a good neighbor, helping the poor and defending the defenseless are just as much a part of this nation as anyone who yells louder than the majority.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Administration of 2010

Just as the cry went out to remember the Alamo and then remember 9/11 so will the cry go out to remember 2010. It is a time when a few people (compared to the population) decided to take away substantial freedom from the American people. They were not foreigners but our own leaders. Leaders are not always right. The only thing that will stop the slid toward socialism is for the people to realize that freedom is too great a price to pay for creature comforts.

I heard the story about one state where this program was already in place (Health Care 'Reform') and one person waited 44 days before they could see a doctor. Is that what we want when our child is sick and running a fever? Do we want to be under some government agency that will tell us when the fever is too high? Will they answer the phone or will we get a recorded message?

Only the people saying, it is enough, will stop these haters of liberty and freedom from wrecking our country beyond repair. We have a peaceful way to do it and it starts in November. We need to show some of that good old American backbone and stop this mess before it goes any further.

If you want a USSR type of government, just keep on believing the junk that is coming out of Washington DC these days. You did not see democracy at work in Congress, you saw a manipulation of grand proportion. A game of rules to outwit a smaller force.

Their victory in Congress with the Health Care legislation may be the biggest defeat for this country since Pearl Harbor but we will be back.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Let Freedom Ring

Little by little, Freedom disappears. The ringing is not so loud anymore.

It seems harmless sometimes, a little is taken here, a little there. Sometimes, like Sunday, a lot is taken. I found it ironic that such a major action was taken on the Lord's day, a slap in the face to our founding fathers who honored that day.

There are a number of things that were done in the past that would not be allowed now. Some were wrong, some were necessary. The point is it was citizens taking care of business without government telling them they could or could not do it.

The way it works is that they let things get in such a big mess in the first place that many will cheer when they finally step in and fix something that they generated.

Government involvement in private affairs never works.

There are times when people must be protected from themselves. We have to have law and order. If someone does something that is harmful to another, they must be held accountable. That is protecting freedom not taking it away.

An example might be in order. It use to be that if a dog kept on eating chickens, which were providing food for the household, that dog would be shot. It had learned a behavior that was harmful to the livelihood of the family which it could not unlearn. The taste of the chicken was to much for the dog to overcome, no matter how many times it was told to stop. In our society, that reasoning would not work. It would be called animal cruelty. The dog is on a higher plan socially than the chicken. The freedom lost is that the family is not allowed to decide what is best for them. The choice was a dog that would not mind and was killing valuable resources or the chickens which provided food.

Another example is that if I found gold on my property, it would not belong to me but would belong to the government. Why? Because they decided one day that it was theirs and sent out a notice. Property owners could get a lawyer and claim the minerals for themselves if they wanted to fight the government in court. Who ever wins that battle? And, who can afford it? Certainly not a normal working person.

People use to have a barrel in their back yard where they burned mail with personal information on it and other paper products. Now, it is illegal and can reap a fine if it is done. I know, we must be concerned about air pollution. Maybe, it is no longer appropriate to do that. The point is we are not allowed to decide. it is taken to the landfill where it will rot and be treated with chemicals. Some will seep into the ground but at least we can't see it.

Freedom! We enjoyed it for a time. The generation that is graduating now will never know what real freedom is. It use to be that if I got hungry for some kind of meat, I would just take my gun and go shoot one and cook it for supper. I'd be afraid to slap a bug now if anyone was looking. Cruelty! Cruelty!

Now, I go to the doctor. He ask me a few questions. Takes my blood. Then, if it is within government guidelines, he can treat me as he determines I should be treated. If it is something insurance will pay for and as I said within government guidelines. Even the doctor cannot treat patients based on his years of training and practice.

Freedom lost! It is slipping away. You have to live a while to see it.

You know I use to could wash my car when I wanted to. Better be careful these days. It might be the wrong day to do that.

Freedom going away! We can still do more than a lot of people in other nations. If it is to stay that way, governments must be forced to stay in their place of protecting the people without running their day-to-day lives.

We have the election process. People must educate themselves on the details and not just vote the way the media sways them. We need to pray that there will not be so much damage done in this four years that it cannot be fixed when some sensible people are elected in November.

The Health Care Reform Bill

Making history is not always a good thing. The health care thing they passed over the will of the people will certainly make history but then I've read some pretty awful things in history.

I think many people just don't get it. Giving up freedom, whether a little at a time or in big chunks is still going to cost us in the long run. Answer this question: Do you like making up your own mind about things? Well, enjoy it because that privilege is going away with this administration and this congress.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Eating and Cooking

No! I am not an expert at cooking, although I do pretty good at eating.

Since I became disabled, I have learned a lot of things. Number one on the list is that me letting my wife stay home to raise the children while I 'slaved' away in the work force was not doing her much of a favor. Being home and doing all that stuff is hard word. Okay. My hat is off to you ladies.

I have learned a little about cooking. Maybe I don't have it right but I'm trying.

I like to have several colors on the plate when all is done. I think that gives you several of the things your body needs but I like it because it looks good. Well, it taste good too. I also like to have a variety during the week. Usually, there is one day when omega-3 is out the window and we have something with beef in it. My wife's favorite is chili, I think. Although, I can whip up a good slow-cooker of beef stew like Mama use to make. I cook these little biscuits that are a little crunchy and work great under some beef stew. My secret to the biscuits is a little pancake mix and pancake syrup. Yep. Taste good.

I also discovered the omega-3 thing and we have salmon and cod fish several times a week. You have to cook them very differently though. I let the salmon cook in the oven for 45 minutes to an hour covered at least half way with water and covered with foil. This after letting it soak in some good spices most of the day. Lemon and pepper are essential. The cod fish only takes about 7 to 10 minutes to cook. Flip it a couple of times. I never can get the breading to stick. What's up with that? I put it on anyway.

Got to have those greens. They just make you feel healthy. If they are fresh, it takes a little salt to make them taste good. Cornbread under them makes them like an ice cream with cake treat but I don't cook cornbread much anymore. Talk about bloating. If you can still run 3 miles, go for the cornbread. Don't go to sleep on it. Good though.

I found out that the most nutrition is just under the peel of potatoes or apples. Peel them thin.

Frying is the worst thing to do. Still, once in a while it is a real treat. Oh, those fried 'tators. Give me a bowl full. Stewed is great too. Soup is good off of stewed potatoes.

This ain't cooking but it is great: If you can afford to get together several different kinds of fruit and blend them, it makes a really healthy, after supper, snack. It is filling too. I use a banana, kiwi, two apples, 4 1 inch cubes of cantaloupe, some blueberries (to taste) some strawberries-about 3, a peach if I got one and a half pear. Put in a little apple juice to help it blend and a splash of cranberry juice, two prunes and you are set. Drink it slow. One shopping spree will get several days of drinks.

Well, I've had my say about cooking and I feel better. May the world have plenty to eat.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

NASCAR - Everyone is talking about it

They came around the track at near 200 MPH, one had no chance to win the race, the other had a shot at getting close to winning. A driver named Carl Edwards decided to take out the driver who might have won. It was a cheap shot by a driver who had made me proud with his gentlemanly attitude and his respect for his parents and others. So, what happened?

I don't know the whole story but from what I heard, it started back in the other racing series. One wrecks the other and they take offense and wreck them in return. One might be an accident due to inexperience, the other on purpose. Why?

These drivers race for big bucks. They are able to buy airplanes and helicopters and do quite well financially after they have paid their dues in the lower series, much like the minor leagues in baseball. The players do their time and when they get to the big leagues they make good money and enjoy fame on television and in the stadiums.

These race car drivers are business men as much as drivers. They risk their lives for a price.

I enjoy the racing. I like to see the strategy of the pits and the drivers maneuvering through traffic. Some teams take the whole race to finish their plan to win and often do. It is a few seconds here and more there until they are leading the race. The wrecks on the other hand are usually the result of a driver or drivers not being gentlemen on the track. Perhaps a driver sees his income slipping down and knows his lifestyle will suffer and so he takes it out on someone else instead of blaming his own lack of skill or drive to be a winner.

Some drivers loose it. I've seen winners turn into 'not winners' after they suffered a serious wreck. It is understandable. Who of use does not slow down after we make a mistake and almost have a wreck?

Edwards was wrong for taking his frustration and anger onto the race track. Perhaps he had been wronged before. Perhaps he was the victim of a rookie mistake. Regardless, Carl is a better man than that. He being the senior driver should have taken the high road with the whole thing. He has damaged his reputation seriously. He may have even put his career into a steep nose dive. We will see in the next race if he is not suspended. Remember these are teams and such behavior could spill over onto other drivers. I hope they will all forgive and forget and let the sport continue in a respectable manner.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Depressing News

I can usually take the news with seriousness but with a 'grain of salt'. Lately, it seems either the world is falling apart or the media is bent on depressing all of us. Earthquakes (I don't think they did that one), people attacking government buildings (well, we'll see about that one), the ocean flooding coastlines, terrorist trying to maintain attention, tour buses into gang controlled sections of cities, a shooting a week (or a day) just up the road in our medium size city are shown over and over and over.

Still there are those who believe that things are getting better on our little planet. I wonder what channel they watch. I guess if you get doped up enough, things can look pretty good. The problem is, the problems still are. The dope and drunken crowd just leave others to deal with the problems.

You won't find an answer to this discussion on this page. Even if people quit killing each other and innocent people, the world would still be a pretty shaky place. The Biblical prophecy, that there would be wars, rumors of wars, earthquakes in many places, still stands. We are in a temporary place, we just don't know how temporary.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Medical and Old Age

At a time when a person should be able to relax from the intensity of life and the complication of figuring it all out, along comes prescriptions, insurance, medicare and a truckload of forms and letters with 'lawyer speak' explaining what should or should not be done. Any attempt to call a responsible party requires a day of your time playing phone tag and waiting for that call that is bound to come at supper time. Such are the problems of growing old and dealing with the medical side of things.

They don't give out college courses to explain all this so a person could learn it while their mind is fresh and quick. No! It comes at at time when everything is slowing down. There are still children to advise, grandchildren to play with, deductions to consider, shelter to consider, getting help with repairs that use to be easy. It comes at a time when people are just not agile enough to deal with it properly. I for one do not feel like debating over the phone with someone who I know is going to win in the end, because I will get tired. The end result will be me paying and them getting a monthly premium.

What do I need and what can I do without? Good question. I will let you answer it. NO! You don't get off that easy. You have to make a decision and live with it or .... you know. The bad part is you don't get to be around to know if you got it right or not. Did you leave a mess for your most loved to deal with or did you leave them worry free. Yeah, right... in this day and age.

So we have some good days and bad days. We know we are slipping down hill physically and like a vulture the hospital waits to soak up what ever assets you have. Then they will send you home, perhaps all in one piece except for the pieces they took away never to be seen again. Gloomy! Sure it is and it should not be that way. BUT as long as we got politicians making medical decisions and the bottom line is the main thing for the big medical companies, that is how it will be. The days of compassion for patients is long gone except in the hearts of a few professional medical people who care.

Tell me I am wrong. I could live with that. I am not inexperienced in firsthand contact with hospitals and the medical side of things. Truth is I wouldn't feel like telling you the details and sadly no one in authority will ask.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010


Only the big ones make the news but I've seen a map showing earthquakes in many areas where people just don't think about them. Didn't one change the course of the Mississippi once? I find it amazing that the land masses we live on just float around on something, great lava beds I think. Those things get to slamming together and you got devastation from the ground falling and the ocean sloshing around. We are not so much in control, are we?

Haiti and Chile are both trying to recover but in reality these events are just about too big for even the super powers to pull countries out of. Again, I say, it amazes me!

They said the last one actually shook the whole earth and even changed the clock for a short time causing us to loose that time. Awesome!

Monday, March 1, 2010


Our thoughts are with those in the earthquake in Chile.