Tuesday, March 9, 2010

NASCAR - Everyone is talking about it

They came around the track at near 200 MPH, one had no chance to win the race, the other had a shot at getting close to winning. A driver named Carl Edwards decided to take out the driver who might have won. It was a cheap shot by a driver who had made me proud with his gentlemanly attitude and his respect for his parents and others. So, what happened?

I don't know the whole story but from what I heard, it started back in the other racing series. One wrecks the other and they take offense and wreck them in return. One might be an accident due to inexperience, the other on purpose. Why?

These drivers race for big bucks. They are able to buy airplanes and helicopters and do quite well financially after they have paid their dues in the lower series, much like the minor leagues in baseball. The players do their time and when they get to the big leagues they make good money and enjoy fame on television and in the stadiums.

These race car drivers are business men as much as drivers. They risk their lives for a price.

I enjoy the racing. I like to see the strategy of the pits and the drivers maneuvering through traffic. Some teams take the whole race to finish their plan to win and often do. It is a few seconds here and more there until they are leading the race. The wrecks on the other hand are usually the result of a driver or drivers not being gentlemen on the track. Perhaps a driver sees his income slipping down and knows his lifestyle will suffer and so he takes it out on someone else instead of blaming his own lack of skill or drive to be a winner.

Some drivers loose it. I've seen winners turn into 'not winners' after they suffered a serious wreck. It is understandable. Who of use does not slow down after we make a mistake and almost have a wreck?

Edwards was wrong for taking his frustration and anger onto the race track. Perhaps he had been wronged before. Perhaps he was the victim of a rookie mistake. Regardless, Carl is a better man than that. He being the senior driver should have taken the high road with the whole thing. He has damaged his reputation seriously. He may have even put his career into a steep nose dive. We will see in the next race if he is not suspended. Remember these are teams and such behavior could spill over onto other drivers. I hope they will all forgive and forget and let the sport continue in a respectable manner.

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