Thursday, March 4, 2010

Medical and Old Age

At a time when a person should be able to relax from the intensity of life and the complication of figuring it all out, along comes prescriptions, insurance, medicare and a truckload of forms and letters with 'lawyer speak' explaining what should or should not be done. Any attempt to call a responsible party requires a day of your time playing phone tag and waiting for that call that is bound to come at supper time. Such are the problems of growing old and dealing with the medical side of things.

They don't give out college courses to explain all this so a person could learn it while their mind is fresh and quick. No! It comes at at time when everything is slowing down. There are still children to advise, grandchildren to play with, deductions to consider, shelter to consider, getting help with repairs that use to be easy. It comes at a time when people are just not agile enough to deal with it properly. I for one do not feel like debating over the phone with someone who I know is going to win in the end, because I will get tired. The end result will be me paying and them getting a monthly premium.

What do I need and what can I do without? Good question. I will let you answer it. NO! You don't get off that easy. You have to make a decision and live with it or .... you know. The bad part is you don't get to be around to know if you got it right or not. Did you leave a mess for your most loved to deal with or did you leave them worry free. Yeah, right... in this day and age.

So we have some good days and bad days. We know we are slipping down hill physically and like a vulture the hospital waits to soak up what ever assets you have. Then they will send you home, perhaps all in one piece except for the pieces they took away never to be seen again. Gloomy! Sure it is and it should not be that way. BUT as long as we got politicians making medical decisions and the bottom line is the main thing for the big medical companies, that is how it will be. The days of compassion for patients is long gone except in the hearts of a few professional medical people who care.

Tell me I am wrong. I could live with that. I am not inexperienced in firsthand contact with hospitals and the medical side of things. Truth is I wouldn't feel like telling you the details and sadly no one in authority will ask.

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