Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Eating and Cooking

No! I am not an expert at cooking, although I do pretty good at eating.

Since I became disabled, I have learned a lot of things. Number one on the list is that me letting my wife stay home to raise the children while I 'slaved' away in the work force was not doing her much of a favor. Being home and doing all that stuff is hard word. Okay. My hat is off to you ladies.

I have learned a little about cooking. Maybe I don't have it right but I'm trying.

I like to have several colors on the plate when all is done. I think that gives you several of the things your body needs but I like it because it looks good. Well, it taste good too. I also like to have a variety during the week. Usually, there is one day when omega-3 is out the window and we have something with beef in it. My wife's favorite is chili, I think. Although, I can whip up a good slow-cooker of beef stew like Mama use to make. I cook these little biscuits that are a little crunchy and work great under some beef stew. My secret to the biscuits is a little pancake mix and pancake syrup. Yep. Taste good.

I also discovered the omega-3 thing and we have salmon and cod fish several times a week. You have to cook them very differently though. I let the salmon cook in the oven for 45 minutes to an hour covered at least half way with water and covered with foil. This after letting it soak in some good spices most of the day. Lemon and pepper are essential. The cod fish only takes about 7 to 10 minutes to cook. Flip it a couple of times. I never can get the breading to stick. What's up with that? I put it on anyway.

Got to have those greens. They just make you feel healthy. If they are fresh, it takes a little salt to make them taste good. Cornbread under them makes them like an ice cream with cake treat but I don't cook cornbread much anymore. Talk about bloating. If you can still run 3 miles, go for the cornbread. Don't go to sleep on it. Good though.

I found out that the most nutrition is just under the peel of potatoes or apples. Peel them thin.

Frying is the worst thing to do. Still, once in a while it is a real treat. Oh, those fried 'tators. Give me a bowl full. Stewed is great too. Soup is good off of stewed potatoes.

This ain't cooking but it is great: If you can afford to get together several different kinds of fruit and blend them, it makes a really healthy, after supper, snack. It is filling too. I use a banana, kiwi, two apples, 4 1 inch cubes of cantaloupe, some blueberries (to taste) some strawberries-about 3, a peach if I got one and a half pear. Put in a little apple juice to help it blend and a splash of cranberry juice, two prunes and you are set. Drink it slow. One shopping spree will get several days of drinks.

Well, I've had my say about cooking and I feel better. May the world have plenty to eat.

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