Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Phrases that Pop Up

You ever notice how phrases from the dark pages of books sometimes just pop up. You'd think that they are just fantasy words and that no one really does that stuff. I have even heard people say that it was just all in fun.

Few had even heard the now famous words 'new world order' until the first Bush mentioned it in a speech. It was shrugged off at the time by many and in days since. But we all know the G20 or what ever the number is really in existence and that it has a tremendous impact on the world. I was thinking yesterday about the stimulus thing that we just went through. Old ignorant me, I thought the U.S. thought that up all by ourselves. Now I find out that it was an agreement between many nations to do the same thing to prop up the world economy. Else, why did they all agree to start 'not spending' against the wishes of our president. It was a 'new world order' thing or at least a world order thing.

Enough of that.... there is no conspiracy.... there is no conspiracy ... there is no conspiracy....

Next on the list is 'channeling' . Channeling is a term I have seen used in books where one person receives the thoughts of another person and can speak the other persons mind. One might do this if they were not an expert on a certain field and needed help. I think this is pure (un-pure) demonology where the demon is the transmitter of the thoughts.

Anyway........... I have only read about this as a sort of scifi thing or a practice from the underbelly of society. I think the 'remoteviewing' thing is probably a form of demon channeling. That is another subject and, appropriately, is a subject for the 3 AM, late night programs.

I have heard the term in high places recently. Once when Hillary became angry at a student when she was asked what her husband thought about something. "I am not channeling my husband..." she spouted. Well, we'll see. Another time was yesterday in the Supreme Court Justice hearing where the nominee was quoted or misquoted as saying something about channeling a now demised justice. (That sentence made my head hurt.)

So, my point is are these just slips from some late night reading or do these people really go for this stuff. Are our leaders getting their information from dead people? Are we being led by the dead? 'Led by the dead.' That sounds like a movie title. Or a book. Excuse me while I go invent a story of fantasy.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Oil Slick, Spill, Political mess, career breaker

Here is an idea. Take one of those big oil tankers and fill it up with sand bags. Pull over the leak and drop the sand bags. Logically speaking, it was sand that was holding all the oil down there in the first place (right?). We do use sand bags to hold back rivers. Maybe it might just work. I know they won't call it a sand bag dump but they will think of something. Let me think..... The Optional Mineralogical Oil Restraint System. TOMORS . If that is a cuss word, I didn't mean it.

Green Pea

Someone once made the challenge to 'tell your faults and wrongs' . Really! Don't people dislike me enough already. Aren't there people whose job it is to cut people down and spread vicious rumors about them? Who am I to take away some one's joy by beating myself up?

No. I won't do it today. I am just too weathered, withered and worn to whack myself right now.

I have made many mistakes, most of which are not the business of most every one. Just so as not to deprive those who feast off the failures of others, I will bare one mistake that I made which has been bothering me.

I was cleaning out the dishes one day. Are you ready? I usually am faithful to wipe out all the unused food before I rinse. First off, we don't have a hog under the sink so we can't just shovel stuff down the drain. Here's what happened. A green pea rolled down into the drain before I could stop it. Sadly, I'm not even sure I tried. It stuck there in the little cross things just waiting for me to get a knife or fork or something and get it out.

Here is the bad part. You know. if you try to get that pea out, it will just squash up and fall down into the drain anyway. But you are obligated to try. On this day I did not even try to get it out. Knowing the probable outcome, if I did, I just pushed it right on through the little cross things and let it fall. I flushed it with water, probably wasting several pennies and went on to something else.

But it has been bothering me, so I am telling it here in the hall of blogs. I really do not feel better for doing so for I am afraid that people are slow to forgive. We did have to have the septic tank pumped and I know deep down in my wallet that it was my fault.

I am glad to get that off my chest. To this day, I am very careful with green peas. Thumbs up to the makers of that gel stuff because I really do hate laying under the sink waiting for someone to bring me the right wrench and hoping they won't step on me or turn on the water.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Laundry and Words

What in the world does laundry have to do with words? I guess I am getting old and find a lesson in just about everything these days.

Take a pile of dirty clothes for example. Yuck! Who would want to touch that. Well, you take up the task and sort them and wash them with some good detergent and what do you get? You get some nice things to hang up and wear as it pleases you.

Words are sort of like that. They can be yucky. You pick up a little dirt here, a stain there and before you know it the words that want to spill out of your mouth are not fit to touch (hear). Now where did that come from? Where did that stain come from on my shirt?

I see it all the time. People use words without sorting them and cleaning up the pile (so to speak). To be honest, I think some words, like some clothes, are not even fit to use for rags. They can do more harm than good.

Now, you take a little time with that pile of clothes and you can come up with something fit to go out in public with. They may not be fancy but they make you feel good. A nice hair cut (do), clean clothes and shoes that are cleaned up nice will get you into just about any doorway.

Take a little time with words and they make you feel good when you say them. They should be words that make other people feel good too. Don't you just love being around someone that keeps themselves all spruced up. To be blunt: I prefer to see someone before I smell them. Yes, washing things sure helps a body out.

Using words carelessly is like pulling clothes out of the dirty clothes hamper to wear. We will all make an impression. I know people will remember bad things about me. I cannot change those things of the past. I'd like that they remember that I finished the journey in clean clothes and with words that have been washed in kindness.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Cloak of Secrecy

Cloak of Secrecy : I wonder if there could be a blanket over our government where many things that happen are hidden from the public. We are suppose to be an open society. Nevertheless, we must admit that there are many things kept from the public in the name of, for example, national security. I submit that we are 'shielded' more often in the name of national embarrassment.

One instance might be if a terrorist were to get beyond all our efforts to stop them and do something that is damaging to our country. Our officials cannot tell the whole story without tipping off to the terrorist that we have a weakness. The public might be kept in the dark to avoid loosing our sense of security. There are many reasons why it would be in the government's interest for the American people to feel secure. For one thing, people who feel safe will work harder and spend more freely. It is good for the economy for people to feel safe.

Another reason for secrets to be kept is that someone might be so entangled in national affairs that if it were revealed that they had alternative motives, negotiations with foreign leaders could be damaged.

A bank will not advertise their troubles because it would cause a run on the bank and effectively shut it down.

So, don't tell me there are no major secrets kept.

Some secrets we will never know. Our grandchildren might know but they will be so far removed from the situation (by time) that nothing will be done even if a crime was committed. I used to work with classified stuff and it is very easy to slap a "Top secret" stamp on a document but very difficult to declassify it. Even when they are declassified, they are edited.

We wonder about a lot of stuff that goes on and if the truth will be known. There are other things that we do not know about and those secrets will remain so until someone lets the cat out.

We are an open society. Government knows everything about us. In fact, with the Internet, just about anyone can find out everything about us. I do not believe, however, that we have an open government. There are many things that are put under the umbrella of national security when they should be made public so the people can make their own decisions.

The best we can do is try to figure out the rumors that keep popping up. One thing I have noticed is that a rumor without truth will usually die, one with a few facts will linger until those facts are explained.

Thomas Jefferson said it best but I will not repeat it here. I have enough trouble. :)

Friday, June 11, 2010

Oil Leak

It is frustrating when something like the oil leak happens. Our government is so afraid that they will have a national disaster on their watch that they seem to downplay the seriousness of the situation rather than face it and deal with it for what it is...a national disaster.

We must surely have the technology to go in there and scoop up all that oil floating around. Oreck could do it. Dirt Devil could do it. Anybody got a shop vac?

We are the people who went to the moon, then did it again and again. We got rovers on Mars. So now they are going to tell me that we can dig a hole that we cannot stop up again. Get real and get busy.

Forget the politics for once. We could go tell BP: We are going to help you. You can have the oil but we are going to clean up this mess. Next time bring a stopper to work with you.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

On the Radar

A gentle note: You might notice from the feedjt that I am on Washington DC 's radar now, so post your comments and see them in lights or on the news. :)

Unfettered Happiness

(Disclaimer: I do not approach this subject as an expert in happiness. Sometimes, I think I am more of an expert in sadness. I, nevertheless would like to approach the subject or a few paragraphs.)

A child walks down the road toward home. It has been a good day at school with friends, the family is waiting, food will be served and after a walk with daddy and mommy tucks the sheets and places a gentle kiss there are sweet dreams until another bright shiny day comes.

That seems like happiness and it is to a certain extent, but it is the happiness of ignorance, the bliss of not knowing the realities of life. I find no fault in it for such should the life of a child be.

We know though that there is a snake in the grass beside the road. The food might make the child sick tonight and mommy will be up all night tending the child. Tomorrow will find the child in bed recovering and there will be no day of play with friends at school. The snake attacks her daddy while he mends the fence along side the road and does not make it to the hospital. Mommy is forced to leave the homestead because she cannot afford the mortgage and the remaining family must live in a rundown shack near town so Mommy can pick up ironing and other odd jobs.

Sorry, I had to do that to make a point. I like those moments of happiness but it is not the same happiness as there would be if there were no snake by the road or a sick stomach and bad dreams. We find some happiness in this life but it is like a rose among the thorns. We accept it, enjoy it then go off to deal with the thorns of life.

Unfettered happiness would be if there was no snake, if we knew that there would never again be a snake beside the road. Unfettered happiness would be if we knew that there would not be a mean person down the road with a sharp pin to burst our bubble. Imagine if only the feeling the child felt, as it walked down the road toward home, was the feeling that we felt with full knowledge that it would never, ever go away and that no one could or wanted to take it away.

I believe that is what it will be like in heaven when we, with full assurance, walk in the bliss of total safety and joy. I believe there is unfettered happiness to come for believers in Jesus Christ. And with that knowledge comes peace, something that we all seek in our lives.

"And ye now therefore have sorrow; but I will see you again, and your heart shall rejoice, and your joy no man taketh from you." John 16:22

Monday, June 7, 2010

I have to Face the Real World

Yuck! Well, it has to be done. The real world is where our bodies reside and we must deal with it from time to time.

Nowadays, there is the Internet. A person could loose themselves in there someplace and never find their way out. I like the commercial which has long stopped running. A guy comes out of his 'computer room' and looking haggard with his shorttail out and his eyes blazing like he had just been torn from the movie "The Shining" . He proudly announces: "I finished it. I surfed the whole Internet. I came to the end." Well, we know better. I did tell that to my son the other day, that I had found the end of the Internet and there was a big STOP sign there. I was joking though.

Now where was I? Yes the real world. It has to be faced. Unlike dreams that you wake up from just in the nick of time, real life goes on and on, the bills come every month, the grass grows, something breaks or leaks and the gas tank gets empty on the car. Did you hear what I just said? Is that real like? It seems rather unentertaining. Of course, you have to add friends to that. I'll get right on over to Facebook and add some friends if they will accept me. Look me up would you? I need friends. Wait a minute! I have left reality again. It is slippery in real life, we can drift off without realizing it.

Now dreams for example, there is another reality that we don't understand. How can you dream about something that you were not even thinking about and that you did not read about or see in a movie? Wow! That would be thinking about a non-reality in a non-reality world. Sounds like one of the books I wrote ( Hint: Preserved Intellect ) . Dreams though, they take you places, make you all warm and fuzzy inside and scare the daylights out of you. In the dreams, you wake up just before the guy pours in the concrete and you start seeing black. That's the good thing about non-reality.

Now, in reality for example, you don't get to wake up when things go wrong. You just have to start thinking and thinking and counting your change to see if you have enough money. Rechecking the check book to see if you might have more than you thought. Roll pennies to pay the water bill. (Nowadays, you roll quarters instead.) And one thing for sure, when they dump the dirt on you, you won't just wake up and jump in the shower to wash away the cobwebs.

Now of course if death was just a doorway to a better place, reality wouln't be so bad. Wait a minute! That is what I believe and you can jump over to http://oldoldstory.blogspot.com/ to see what all I think about that. It's the real reality.

I try not to mix my humor, politics and silliness on this blog with my very serious other blog but sometimes since it is all in the same brain (mine) it does cross paths at times. Ain't the brain a fine piece of equipment when it works. Without it (the brain), I couldn't even have said this stuff about the brain. I mean about the Real World.

Well, I'm off to getting the clothes out of the dryer so I can get the clothes out of the washer and make the bed and give my son his medication. Then, I'm off to the Mafia Wars and Kingdoms of Camelot. Oh yeah! I have to feed the dog in Farmville. I try not to get wrapped up in these games. They take too much time. Oh yeah, Fishville. I forget them fish. And I'm working on Under the Dome by Stephen King but the book is so heavy I can't pick it up a lot of days. At least, not without hurting my arm. You see I lay it behind my table near my chair and have to reach back to get it. Guess you didn't need to know that. Also got to finish a poorly written book about one reality in Boston called A date with Death by Michele R Mcphee, you know the Craig list thing. I'd hate to slip off into non-reality and not get back. I do have the sound turned off on Farmville so the dog's barking don't keep me awake at night.

Got to get those clothes back into the cycle of life before I forget..I think my brain is too full. Maybe forgetting is a blessing in a way. I mean if our brain can really get too full. It would give us a headache and we would have to sit down instead of getting the clothes out of the dryer.