Monday, June 7, 2010

I have to Face the Real World

Yuck! Well, it has to be done. The real world is where our bodies reside and we must deal with it from time to time.

Nowadays, there is the Internet. A person could loose themselves in there someplace and never find their way out. I like the commercial which has long stopped running. A guy comes out of his 'computer room' and looking haggard with his shorttail out and his eyes blazing like he had just been torn from the movie "The Shining" . He proudly announces: "I finished it. I surfed the whole Internet. I came to the end." Well, we know better. I did tell that to my son the other day, that I had found the end of the Internet and there was a big STOP sign there. I was joking though.

Now where was I? Yes the real world. It has to be faced. Unlike dreams that you wake up from just in the nick of time, real life goes on and on, the bills come every month, the grass grows, something breaks or leaks and the gas tank gets empty on the car. Did you hear what I just said? Is that real like? It seems rather unentertaining. Of course, you have to add friends to that. I'll get right on over to Facebook and add some friends if they will accept me. Look me up would you? I need friends. Wait a minute! I have left reality again. It is slippery in real life, we can drift off without realizing it.

Now dreams for example, there is another reality that we don't understand. How can you dream about something that you were not even thinking about and that you did not read about or see in a movie? Wow! That would be thinking about a non-reality in a non-reality world. Sounds like one of the books I wrote ( Hint: Preserved Intellect ) . Dreams though, they take you places, make you all warm and fuzzy inside and scare the daylights out of you. In the dreams, you wake up just before the guy pours in the concrete and you start seeing black. That's the good thing about non-reality.

Now, in reality for example, you don't get to wake up when things go wrong. You just have to start thinking and thinking and counting your change to see if you have enough money. Rechecking the check book to see if you might have more than you thought. Roll pennies to pay the water bill. (Nowadays, you roll quarters instead.) And one thing for sure, when they dump the dirt on you, you won't just wake up and jump in the shower to wash away the cobwebs.

Now of course if death was just a doorway to a better place, reality wouln't be so bad. Wait a minute! That is what I believe and you can jump over to to see what all I think about that. It's the real reality.

I try not to mix my humor, politics and silliness on this blog with my very serious other blog but sometimes since it is all in the same brain (mine) it does cross paths at times. Ain't the brain a fine piece of equipment when it works. Without it (the brain), I couldn't even have said this stuff about the brain. I mean about the Real World.

Well, I'm off to getting the clothes out of the dryer so I can get the clothes out of the washer and make the bed and give my son his medication. Then, I'm off to the Mafia Wars and Kingdoms of Camelot. Oh yeah! I have to feed the dog in Farmville. I try not to get wrapped up in these games. They take too much time. Oh yeah, Fishville. I forget them fish. And I'm working on Under the Dome by Stephen King but the book is so heavy I can't pick it up a lot of days. At least, not without hurting my arm. You see I lay it behind my table near my chair and have to reach back to get it. Guess you didn't need to know that. Also got to finish a poorly written book about one reality in Boston called A date with Death by Michele R Mcphee, you know the Craig list thing. I'd hate to slip off into non-reality and not get back. I do have the sound turned off on Farmville so the dog's barking don't keep me awake at night.

Got to get those clothes back into the cycle of life before I forget..I think my brain is too full. Maybe forgetting is a blessing in a way. I mean if our brain can really get too full. It would give us a headache and we would have to sit down instead of getting the clothes out of the dryer.

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  1. LOL. There is a fine line between reality and Farmville and it gets more blurred each day. Good luck with that.