Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Laundry and Words

What in the world does laundry have to do with words? I guess I am getting old and find a lesson in just about everything these days.

Take a pile of dirty clothes for example. Yuck! Who would want to touch that. Well, you take up the task and sort them and wash them with some good detergent and what do you get? You get some nice things to hang up and wear as it pleases you.

Words are sort of like that. They can be yucky. You pick up a little dirt here, a stain there and before you know it the words that want to spill out of your mouth are not fit to touch (hear). Now where did that come from? Where did that stain come from on my shirt?

I see it all the time. People use words without sorting them and cleaning up the pile (so to speak). To be honest, I think some words, like some clothes, are not even fit to use for rags. They can do more harm than good.

Now, you take a little time with that pile of clothes and you can come up with something fit to go out in public with. They may not be fancy but they make you feel good. A nice hair cut (do), clean clothes and shoes that are cleaned up nice will get you into just about any doorway.

Take a little time with words and they make you feel good when you say them. They should be words that make other people feel good too. Don't you just love being around someone that keeps themselves all spruced up. To be blunt: I prefer to see someone before I smell them. Yes, washing things sure helps a body out.

Using words carelessly is like pulling clothes out of the dirty clothes hamper to wear. We will all make an impression. I know people will remember bad things about me. I cannot change those things of the past. I'd like that they remember that I finished the journey in clean clothes and with words that have been washed in kindness.

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  1. Great thoughts, Milton. Some people use words that are so unkind or dirty it makes you want to hold your nose (ears). And sadly enough, once words are spoken they can't be unsaid.