Tuesday, March 30, 2010

God and Country

We are perhaps the only nation on earth that knocks our own religion(s). By religion, in this case, I mean a belief in one God. Generally, in some form, the United States has been a nation that honored God. Individually, there are differences of opinion and different styles of worship. Collectively, there has been a 'looking up' to the higher power for help when we were in a bind.

These days, in the media at least, when God or Jesus are mentioned, there is a slur attached to the story, most of the time. If there is a story that involves a Christian going wrong, it will make the big story. Not all broadcasters are guilty, many are.

I wonder why it is us, the city on the hill, who think tolerance must mean forsaking the goodness of God in our lives. It is total arrogance to think that we are the most powerful. It is also most dangerous. We have been blessed for our charity toward the world. We have been blessed for our friendship with Israel. We have been blessed because we give credence to God.

There are voices that talk loud and long. They are often heard and adhered to as if they were the majority. It is not right to do so. Those who go quietly about their lives without trying to impose on others, also have a say in how our nation looks or does not look to our Creator. Those who speak by their actions of being a good neighbor, helping the poor and defending the defenseless are just as much a part of this nation as anyone who yells louder than the majority.

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