Friday, March 26, 2010

Administration of 2010

Just as the cry went out to remember the Alamo and then remember 9/11 so will the cry go out to remember 2010. It is a time when a few people (compared to the population) decided to take away substantial freedom from the American people. They were not foreigners but our own leaders. Leaders are not always right. The only thing that will stop the slid toward socialism is for the people to realize that freedom is too great a price to pay for creature comforts.

I heard the story about one state where this program was already in place (Health Care 'Reform') and one person waited 44 days before they could see a doctor. Is that what we want when our child is sick and running a fever? Do we want to be under some government agency that will tell us when the fever is too high? Will they answer the phone or will we get a recorded message?

Only the people saying, it is enough, will stop these haters of liberty and freedom from wrecking our country beyond repair. We have a peaceful way to do it and it starts in November. We need to show some of that good old American backbone and stop this mess before it goes any further.

If you want a USSR type of government, just keep on believing the junk that is coming out of Washington DC these days. You did not see democracy at work in Congress, you saw a manipulation of grand proportion. A game of rules to outwit a smaller force.

Their victory in Congress with the Health Care legislation may be the biggest defeat for this country since Pearl Harbor but we will be back.

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