Monday, September 28, 2009


Noise. Do you hear it? It causes the ears to tingle. It disturbs the thought process. It befuddles all of us who can't go out and sit on a deer stand or is it stand on a deer seat.

It is the noise of rogue nations trying to get attention. It is the noise of politicians trying to say something that will convince us they are actually doing something to make us more secure. That is, so long as the polls say it will not hinder them in the next election.

I wonder if it is finally true that the 'sky is falling'. Well not until it is suppose to fall, I'm sure.

It is the noise that fills our life. I can see why many people have tuned out. I don't think it is the right thing to do, but I understand it.

It is the noise of indecision. Of diplomacy. Of punishment being put off for another day.

You're in your bed at night. A man comes in and says he is going to kill you and rape your wife. There is a school of thought that would have you tell the bad guy to wait a minute while you turn over your gun to him. That you would say "I'm afraid I will get mad when you start doing all those things and I don't want to offend you." There is another school of thought that says that there are times when talking is just not appropriate.

I'm afraid we are in the first school of thought these days. We will just talk to them and change their radical ideas, then we won't have to hurt them when they go ahead and do what they were going to do to start with.

Well, I just can't talk about it......

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