Thursday, April 15, 2010

Financial Problems Good for Some

We had a bad year last year. It looked like things were going to fall down and stay down. The American spirit prevailed and things are turning around. We changed our lifestyle but kept on plugging along. Things have started to get better.

Here's the problem. Those people in high places, and I don't mean the government this time, just will not get the message. It's like "Wow, we dodged a bullet so let's get back at it." They did not dodge a bullet. The economy needed a change and the way things were done needed a change. All the government could do, in our form of government, is prop it up for a while. Big business must make changes or we are still in trouble.

No sooner had they gotten the tax payer boost, they started back on the same old road with outrageous bonuses and business as usual with 'stick it to the consumer' tactics. With them, it is all about how they can get the consumer to be gullible again and how they can get around government regulations.

The hearts of executives and owners of companies must change, if 'things' are ever to stabilize again. With many companies being publicly owned, the pressure is to give the investors back some money every quarter so they will dump more money into the system. So the heart of the investor must change as well. There needs to be a 'long look' at the economy and the future of our nation.

Even in these hard times, people are making money off the hardships of others. Banks have no reason to give people a break. They have already milked mountains of interest from the homeowner and they are probably down to paying on the principal which is not where banks make their money. It's the interest baby! They can resale a home and make the fees all over again and start off with a fresh batch of interest. Charge 8-10 percent and pay out .10 percent on savings, you gotta' make money like that. That was a point 10 interest on savings.

A collapse is big business for some who wait in the wings for just such a day. Buy up stuff for pennies on the dollar and wait it out, then sell at the current market value. Some people are out of a home but someone else is fat on the losses.

I do not have the answers. I just know that greed is alive and well and it is greed that got us in the mess in the first place.

Government cannot run everything or else it would not be a free country. There must be a fundamental change in the attitude of banks and big business. For that to happen, there must be a change in the heart of people. The attitude of making it to the top on the backs of others is just not right. It is not good business either in spite of what many think.

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