Monday, April 26, 2010


After watching the evening news and reading the stuff that search engines find important enough to put in front of, most likely, better reading, I often burn the pages of my blogs with some hot stuff about politics and our present administration in Washington DC. But I've been looking around lately and have found reason to hope.

Some new names and faces are seeking election to Congress and their ideas seem to be exactly what our country needs, i.e. integrity and doing right. I have also watched Facebook and seen some fine young people talking about family and things like that. There for a while I thought the whole world had gone after the "Idol" thing and were growing up to old age in the Arcades. But there are some young people who are not burning their brains out with drugs and other stupid things. So our future 'will' have some families and leaders with values to guide them.

I also thought about the pull, of elements in our society, away from the traditions which made our country great. Our religious faith for one. Then I thought of all the towns I've driven through in my lifetime. Almost without exception, there was a church or two which bore witness to the fact that there are people who still hold to those traditions of family and faith.

While the media would have us believe that the whole country is going the way of those they so often magnify on their programs, there are still millions who are not interested in all the hype about...whatever...and just go about the important business of raising their families and respecting their God.

We should lift up our heads with the hope that there are still those who will stand for right.

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