Tuesday, February 9, 2010


Here they come, rounding that last turn before they let those horses go...NASCAR is coming.

I like racing but it has become boring in the last couple of years. I really do not like wrecks, although I watch the replays. What I like is the maneuvering the drivers do. I like to see some passing going on. All this going around in circles in a single file is not racing, it is playing follow the leader. I've said for years that races were won or lost in the pits but still I want to see some racing on the track.

They have made some changes that might give the drivers a chance to race but a lot of drivers are so accustomed to just riding around that I don't know if those drivers can actually race their cars. This might be the season when the race car drivers stand out from the race car riders. Anyone who says they are just out there to ride around should be fired for not doing their job. I think many drivers get to the point where they are afraid of racing but stay out there for the money. I understand being afraid, it is a dangerous business, but when they get to that point they should find something else to do.

Go get 'em.... and .... be safe.

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