Friday, February 5, 2010


I know they got all these engineers and experts trying to deal with the problem of out of control vehicles. I still have something to wonder about. The cruise control and the brake system work together, i.e. you tap the brakes to disengage the cruise. I am wondering if something is in backwards which would actually cause the brake to act like a reset button for the cruise. Example, you were on the interstate cruising at 75 mph. The next day you are in town or on a country road and you tap your brakes to slow down. The cruise control kicks in and since the system is whacked out, every time you hit the brakes you are actually resetting the cruise for that higher speed. Well, I guess it sounds crazy but it's something to investigate and they certainly seem to not know what to do.

I am posting this on my blog because it is virtually impossible to get an email address for any large corporation official.

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