Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Analogy for the Young

First thing to ask is 'What does that ol' gizzer know?' if you are a young person full of energy and big plans. Plans which probably include at least the next 12 hours. A good thing to do would be to listen to people who are older and who have 'been there and done that' what ever it is. Life is a one time trip. Much of it is preparation. There will be time for fun but yielding to peer pressure to be popular is probably one of the most often mistakes committed by young people. Doing bad things will follow a person their whole life. It may be sealed away in a juvenile file but the marks on the soul will remain. The marks of causing parents to age before their time. The marks of doing harm to ones own body. The list goes on.

I thought of this little story and it might help:

Consider life a journey across a desert. On your end you have a bottle of water and a package of crackers for the first days journey. At the beginning of the next day, another bottle of water and package of crackers are there for that day. It is not much but it is enough to survive on. Beyond the desert is a different country, a steak dinner with all the trimmings awaits.
Do not waste the days provision or get off the trail. Each day requires the same diligence as the first. Don't go off with people who would tell you to forget the rules of your trail. You have this day to make the distance to your next provisions.
It is a long and dusty trip but the payoff comes at the end. All journeys seem long for the young. You may get tired of following the rules and want to get off course but do as some wise man once said "Take the long look." Today's journey is a step toward the things you want in life. Don't settle for a spot in the desert and just quit. Keep plodding on to the reward.
There are many dangers along the way so stay vigilant. Reach out and grasp wisdom that your years have not yet given you. Trust to those who have made the journey before you and who have provided provisions for this journey.

That's my little story. I hope it helps someone. As another wise person said, 'Keep your eye on the prize'. I would add and keep your integrity along the way.

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