Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Unnecessary Stuff

Sometimes the things people do just don't make much sense.

A man was digging out the floor in his barn. It seems he had bought a mule and it was too tall to fit in the barn. Everything fit but the mules ears. Duh!

A man bought a pair of mules. He name them Joe and Bud. They were exactly the same size, weight, height etc. How do you tell them apart, a neighbor asked: 'The red one is Joe and the black one is Bud'. Ding!

An old farmer had a mule which he sold to his neighbor $500. Later, he needed a mule and bought the mule back for $500. He finished his work and sure enough the neighbor came bye one day and they got to talking about the mule. The neighbor ended up buying the mule again for $500. This went on for 'who knows how long'. Finally, the farmer sold the mule to a passing stranger. The next time his neighbor came over the subject of the mule came up. "Oh. I sold him to a passing stranger." The neighbor was upset. "What do you mean you sold it to a stranger. We were making a good living off that mule!" Whoah!

Two men went south and bought a load of watermelons. They paid a dollar a piece for them. Being new in business, they sold them at a bargain for a dollar a piece. One looked at the other and said, "We are not making much on these watermelons." "I know," said the other, "we need a bigger truck." Chuckle!


A fox and a scorpion were at a creek wanting to get to the other side. The fox decided to swim but the scorpion could not swim. "I'll give you a ride, if you promise not to sting me." The fox said. "Oh, I won't sting you." The scorpion promised. The scorpion jumped on and the fox began to swim. Half way across the scorpion gave the fox a big sting. The fox got where he could not swim and with his dying breath he asked the scorpion. "Why did you do that? You promised not to sting me." "I couldn't help myself, "the scorpion said, "that is what scorpions do."

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