Monday, June 1, 2009

Our Day

Someday, historians will look back on our day and puke. They will be like the new intern at their first autopsy. Perhaps, when they recover, they will look at us and ask "Why did those stupid people mess up such a great country?" or perhaps they will shake their head and say "They had so much!"

I have often wondered who 'they' are. You know people say 'they said' or 'they did it'. So we have the often asked question "Who are 'they'?

Take a normal day or two in life. Someone breaks in line at the store. Someone tailgates you on the road and does not take advantage of several passing lanes. Someone throws trash out their window in front of your house. The clerk acts like you came to rob the place when you pay for your stuff. You know those people who, it seems, should have some inward voice that corrects such behavior. Truth probably is, they have no enter voice. It has been replaced by self-absorption. As in, these ants (people) are here to make my life miserable so I will torment them every chance I get.

So are those people the 'they' we wonder about.

Then, we turn to the people who seem to be bent on running this country into the ground. Could they have the same attitude as the tailgater or litterbug? Could it be that they think the world was made just so they could have their way at the expense of others?

Yes. Our day is a different day. People have different attitudes, different ways. We have become a nation of dollars instead of a nation of values. We have become a nation where a man's word means nothing unless he has a load of money to back it up. Hard work and a good name use to count more than money. Companies use to want people to pay off their purchase, now they prefer people to charge their purchase so they can make more on credit than they do on the product. Credit is a more important commodity to them. Credit use to be a liability.

Life use to be important to people. Not just a person's own life but the life of others. If a neighbor had a problem, it was the communities problem. Nowadays, we know less about our neighbor than we do about movie stars.

I don't want to sound bitter. I'm not really. I'm disappointed that we are wasting our nation. The very nation that young men and women have given their lives for. Some of 'they' have set out to change the face of America, the ideals, the values, the lifestyles, the image, the love for fellow man. They are being successful. Our grandchildren will not know the America that has been written about in books worldwide. They will see a different nation. They will see a nation with no individuality, no uniqueness. They will see a nation in debt, a nation where we are all strangers.

Our day is a sad day. Our day is when America started to mean something different.

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