Thursday, June 4, 2009

TEA Party

I've often thought the United States needed another political party with viable candidates to run for public office. I reckon others think the same thing because there are some third parties that are trying.

I thought TEA Party might be a good name with government trying to recoup tax revenue they lost when people stopped driving so much. They are trying to figure out other things to tax to make up for their loss. Parking at state parks have gone up in our state. Tobacco tax as jumped. I'd like to think they were concerned for our welfare but it is so obvious that they want to keep their routine of wasteful spending while bankrupting the everyday family.

Did you hear? They are starting to charge a tax on grocery bags. Oh, they say it is to help out with the landfills and to save the trees but you can write it down, it is to get more revenue for their coffers.

I betcha, (if I bet) that if you told a dozen government works to report to a certain place, they would all arrive in twelve different gas guzzling eight cylinder cars with room for six in each one with government tags on them.

Tax grocery bags! We can barely get money to pay for the groceries that go in the bags. I think it is just a plot to keep us from using them in our trash cans so someone can sell regular trash bags for trash cans.

Here's the mess: Government cannot afford themselves so they tax businesses and people into poverty then borrow money from China to bail them out. I guess they are all hoping to die of old age before the chicken comes home to roust.

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