Tuesday, June 2, 2009

No Place to Hide

I remember when bomb shelters were the thing. Then it was the Soviet Union and us pointing nukes at each other. The destruction capability on both sides was enough to keep leaders from pushing the button. In both cases, the legacy of the nations were more important than any individual leader. I don't know what would have happened if war could have been carried out without mutual destruction. I'm glad they had the sense to not push the button.

Today we have North Korea with a leader who seems to think more highly of himself than he does his nation or perhaps there is no separating the two. It appears he would like to make a statement before he dies and is doing a pretty good job of doing that. I suspect the roots of this question go back to the young life of the nations leader. I wonder what happened back then that would make a man so angry at the rest of the world. It could have been different for me as well, I was bullied and was very poor. There is nothing magic that happened to keep me from holding a grudge into my old age. For me, I found the grace of God that softened my heart.

Regardless, we are under a dark cloud these days. I received an addendum from my insurance company the other day that they no longer cover damage due to radiation. I wonder what they know that I don't.

Iran continues to defy international pressure to stop their nuclear programs. I suppose North Korea and Iran are working together to build something. The fear or concern I have is that these old men in charge of these two nations are planning to make a big splash in the world before they kick the bucket.

A leader is a guide during his lifetime. He is not the nation. The nation goes on to help the world and its people. When a leader begins to think that they are the nation, they are simply satisfying their own ego at the expense of their people.

We all want to be the big star in the sky. Unfortunately, that is not possible or practical. Often, the little stars have the nicest twinkle. I do know that in these days of globalization, a nation can reap great rewards by 'playing along with the big guys' so to speak. The world has food and technology. All it takes is an open door to let it in. I guess it goes back to the old saying: You can get more flies with sugar than not. Well, who wants flies but you see the point. I think nations who have much are anxious to show their generosity to other nations. Of course, they may do it for ego's sake but the food still fills the stomach. Who knows, someday people may do nice things for each other because they are friends.

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