Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Politics "Knock, Knock, Knock"

We have the same people, with the same ideas either running the country or wanting to do so. For a new person to get in, they have to play to the old timers to the point of loosing their focus and the fresh ideas they may have had. So, knock, knock, knock, but getting in without playing the game is not going to happen. The same people have been running things so long that I am about ready to think that they have a cloning factory in D.C. The Republicans didn't want Palin to speak because they were afraid she would upstage someone they had scheduled. Dah! Isn't a new bright light what we want? Well she showed up anyway to be polite and still upstaged every body. You can't blame the girl for having it together. It is not a question of whether Sarah Palin will be a star. It is a question of whether the Republican Party will have her as their star or will they stay in their old party ways and miss the boat again.

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