Wednesday, June 3, 2009


On my Bible Study blog there is a map (compliments of Bravenet) that shows the hits the site gets from around the world. There are always blank spots. I wonder about those places and the people there. In our country, we know what happens just about everywhere, a few minutes after it happens, if we are watching and reading or listening. So many ways to stay informed. I wonder about those people who do not have access to the world of information that we have. Are they happier for it? Do they wonder what is going on? What kind of picture is painted in their mind about how the world really is? I understand the language barriers that exist. Technology has done a lot to remove those barriers with translation software, etc.

I noticed also that the activity in most countries that hit on the site is along the coast line. I suppose that goes back to the age of discovery when about everyone lived on the coast of new found land. But is this just the world we see. Perhaps we are the ones that are blinded to what is really happening in most of the world. Those people who do not participate in the technology revolution are perhaps the ones that got it right. Just maybe they find happiness in the land and evenings around the table. Perhaps they know how to appreciate a meal of freshly grown vegetables or a warm hug. Of course, we are much to busy discovering the secrets of the universe to discover what is behind that smile or frown of a child or a neighbor.

Should we feel sorry for those 'ignorant' people who just don't know what's going on? Or should we pity ourselves for knowing so much and having so little wisdom to deal with our knowledge?

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