Monday, June 29, 2009

State of Mind

Death is not something I smile at. I've dealt with the pain in a very personal way. I feel for those close to the famous people who have died in the last few days. I am also saddened that some never found a peaceful balance in their lives. At least as far as the public eye is concerned.

So my comments are not directed at anyone particular at this time of sorrow for their families.

What I wanted to point out is the near worship much of the public is showing for those who performed for money and fame and not out of compassion to help humanity. It was their job to do what they did for money. People are trying to elevate these folks to a level that belongs to those who served for no personal gain. Well-known does not convert to importance in the plight of humanity. That is not to say that each individual is not important. They are important.

I am not for making every well know money-maker a national hero.

The courts have already dealt with some issues and it is not necessary for me to bring them up here. It is important to remember that talent is one thing and being a good person is another.

I wanted to say something about current events and tried to be as nice as I could about it.

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