Wednesday, June 17, 2009


The heart of America did not vote for the president who would 'change' the country. Looking at the map, the votes came from primarily, the coastal areas, New England to the Great Lakes and West. There is a large swatch of red where people knew that change is not necessarily a good thing. Many laws and traditions in this country were long coming and hard fought for. Many have fought and died so that we would be different from the rest of the world. We go our own way.

We now have a president who wants to be everything to everyone, except traditional family values, even though, he himself enjoys a seemingly normal family life.

So were those values, that are being removed by the stroke of his pen, worth all the blood that has been shed for them? Does it make sense to make sense?

In all his frenzy of activity, I cannot see one thing he has done that has made us safer in the world. His dog and his wife's clothes get more attention than world events or rather his actual actions to restrain the bad guys.

I think, in our day, we are witnessing the breakdown of the nation that was formed by brave men long ago. It is a sad time.

I must say it now, our president is not a liberal, he is a radical. His ideas would have been shrugged off not many years ago. Now he is in a position to make dangerous changes and is doing so. I only hope and pray that our nation is strong enough to endure his term in office and that a great person of integrity will replace him and one with the strength and wisdom to again put us on the right road of honesty, nobility and strength.

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