Thursday, June 18, 2009


I'm not promoting it either way, guns or no guns. Let me say that a person that has no respect for a weapon should not own one. They are not toys. They should be studied to learn their use. Buying a gun and sticking it in a hiding place to be picked up in an emergency is a good way to become the victim. If someone owns a gun they should learn how to use it safely. I certainly can see though that people are arming themselves. Just a brief visit to a street where pawn shops stand told me that people were checking them out. I went in a couple looking for a Winchester 30-30 because my daddy use to have one and I wanted one to keep. I saw someone looking at one of those mean looking shotguns that showed no signs of being made for squirrels. Down the street 4 young fellows went into another shop with their shirttails out and pants barely hanging on. Wonder what they were looking for?

The gangs are armed and regular folks are getting armed. I hope that means absolutely nothing. It is apparent that the police are unable to stop the gangs or the drug trafficking. Oh they catch a few users but the network is alive and well. The cold hard fact is there is money in drugs and people will kill to keep that money flowing.

I don't know what it will come to. The police have the sworn duty to protect citizens. So what happens when they do not. When gangs wonder around intimidating people in stores, parking lots and on neighborhood streets it sort of puts people in a bind as to what to do. I know as a husband and dad myself, I have a higher responsibility to protect my family. Another fact is you can't fist fight people with guns.

In reality it is not a world of sweetness where you can just be nice to everyone and they will be nice to you. There are times when force must be meet by force. Governments know that. That is why they got armies and such. I hope there is no shooting. Bullets leave a mess and take lives. It is not glamorous like in the movies where the actors get up to make another movie. Death is final. Maybe, the reaction will be that when the good guys are armed and the bad guys know it, maybe, there will be respect for each other and peace for us all. We can pray that it be so.

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