Monday, June 22, 2009

Books, My Books!

Well, I went to Barnes and Noble and Amazon and found two of my books there. It was gratifying to finally see them in a place where maybe the broader public can have the opportunity to purchase a good read. I've never carved a marble statue but it must surely be somewhat like writing and self-publishing a book.

There are so many obstacles and steps before one reaches the day when the word published is appropriate. Usually, the phrase 'in process' is the applicable term. Writers are always in process. It is difficult to concentrate on a new project or story when there are still so many things to do on the last project. I wish I could just write and and the manuscript to someone to do all that other stuff.

Preserved Intellect (along with its companion story Harvest 2050AD ) is futuristic in nature but not all that futuristic in reality. I try to go behind the scenes and look at those projects governments and scientist will not tell you about. They are projects which cross the line of protecting humanity into a realm of using humanity for experiments. In some case, they are unspeakable experiments. In Mother's Coat, I use a short story to document the life of a young girl born on the street to a mother who lived on the street for an unstated reason. I felt it important to take one child and tell the story of thousands. Acelin is the star of this book. She is trampled on but still she possesses a tender heart. Instead of feeling sorry for herself, she reached out to another child and protected it. The book is short because I could not bare to stay in that world any longer, although I did enough research to make the book much longer. Transient (The Tommy Bookmark Story) came about from a visit to an old hotel in my hometown. I thought the wooden stairs, the old rooms, the dining room an even the wraparound porch held a story. So I filled the hotel with people and told the happenings in their lives. It tells of love, war, duty, crime, faith and down-home living.

So, I am published. My books are not for everyone. Those who expect vivid accounts of romantic encounters will not be happy with my stories. I refuse to write smut. For those who think life is a bed of roses and everything is clicking along just fine will not find my books entertaining. However, for those who have done their reality check these stories may peak your interest. They are all written after digging into the factual archives. I write fiction and take artistic liberties but behind that story are some real things to consider. I think people can have a regular life and still have faith in God. I try to allow my characters freedom to explore their personal needs while they live out the events of the story. It's only fair.

Countdown0 (count down zero) is my storefront where my books are available. Thank you for going there to check out my book summaries.

I am currently working on another project but I'm at a stage where my characters are 'swimming' in the plot and I have to choose who survives and the path the others take. I like all the characters, so hence, my problem. Maybe I'll get hard at work on it soon.

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