Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Mother's Coat Excerpts

"The lines in Taffy's face, around her eyes and the corners of her mouth, were premature. She still looked really good when she dressed up but inside she was scared to numbness."

"It seemed it always rained when he had Matte for a client. He donned his full-length rain coat....He approached the two figures who seemed to be fast asleep. He did not know that Acelin had been traumatized by her mother's murder and so laid awake for hours..."

"She stood near the steam vent, to stay warm, and held out her bag. She never knew if people would put in money or food. Sometimes a mean person would put their trash in the bag and laugh as they walked away."

"Charis walked straight back to the mission. She had intended to work the streets until time to serve the noon meal but her first encounter with a street child had been all she could handle."

Mother's Coat


  1. Milton, I think of all your stories this was my favorite. (So far) :)

  2. Thank you Leeuna lots of muches! If your folks follow you over here, there will be mass knowledge of Pigs Feet :) and little boys and girls who need caring for.