Monday, July 27, 2009

We Don't Know Much

Obviously, some of us know mucher less than others. Generally speaking, though, as a world we don't know a great deal if you think about how large the universe is. We are over here on a little limb that sticks out on the edge of the galaxy. You know the one in who knows how many. I sometimes have to smile when I hear folks talking like they had reached the pinnacle of knowledge. We got some pretty low pinnacles these days. They will talk down to us ignorant and unlearned, with that kind 'I love you all' smile on their face and probably thinking (like in the movies) 'they are so stupid'. Guess that sounds like politicians but others do it to. I've been talked to like that 'Well, you'll be alright.' 'Pu-e-e-e-e', I could spit or puke. Sorry, got a little nasty there.

Truth is, we don't know much. People write in books that this is the way it is. Then later after that generation dies off, we discover that it was another way entirely. I'm glad they call everything 'theory' now in school. Seems like they would wait to prove the theory before they start teaching it as facts in school. We got a lot of people running around basing their existence on theories instead of facts. So, okay, I'm so smart, why don't I tell us the facts. I don't have them myself neither. I'm just the son of a sharecropper and coal miner who happened to be blessed with knowing the ABC's and the sense to know that my knowledge is limited. I soak up what folks smarter than me write and say like a sponge in water. I often wonder how much rotten information I've soaked up over the years. That's the trouble with much learning, you got to sort it like picking the bones out of fish.

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  1. You sure got that right. It's enough to make one shake in their shoes when they think of all the nonsense that is written today and taken for truth. And sometimes it is a little hard to sort out which is right.