Wednesday, July 15, 2009


That thing people do with that thing and a couple of thumbs....

I've decided I don't like 'texting'. I've also decided it is rude most of the time. Okay, you are sitting in a pleasant gathering talking about the weather, politics, your sore feet or whatever (that word is over used as well). You go into this long explanation after someone asked 'what about that?'. I mean you dig way back in your brain and come up with some really profound stuff to share with the folks. Then after a deep thought or two, you look around the room and people are playing with that little thing. The tiny keyboard that writes too little for you to see. They may even be 'texting' each other in the same room saying something about that person who is saying that something profound to answer the question that was asked earlier. Did they really want to know the answer or were they just trying to get you to talking so they could text their whoever? or whomever?

I put it in the same category as talking to each other instead of listening to the speaker at the time. I put it in the same category as talking in church during preaching. I put it in the same category as driving while talking on the cellphone which has proven to be like drinking and driving.

I know that does not make me popular because there are other things I don't like that puts me in some weird class of people who just don't fit in, in our society. I don't like animals in the house but don't tell Leeuna(using her name is certainly no endorsement of my comments). I don't like commercials on television that are twice as loud as the program. I don't like ugly commercials with innuendos.

People never talk to the people they are in physical company with anymore. I've been mad enough to call someone I was trying to talk to in person just so I could get a word in.

Yes, I have placed 'texting' on my list of bad manners. It's like going to the bathroom and should be done in private.

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  1. Hahaha. So you don't like animals in the house? Just for that I'm going to send you a text message. On Sunday. While you're in church. (just kidding of course.)