Thursday, April 9, 2009

Little Ford Tractor

I never really learned to drive. I just started driving. On the farm, we had a little Ford tractor. It was a four speed and would run 13 mph. Daddy made a trailer to pull behind it. It became pretty much my work machine. I hauled everything on it. I used it to mow the fields, to haul hay and to take off stuff. I even camped out in the back of the trailer. I didn't know it then but I loved that ol' tractor. Once the manifold came loose an I thought sure I had me a hot rod to drive. I got cautioned for riving it up. They said something about cracking the heads. The point is (and it probably means nothing to anyone else) is that by the time I could reach the accelerator good on a car, I already knew how to drive. I was lacking when it came to road sense though and it took me some time to learn how to share the road properly and that my foot did not always have to be on the floor. Farming is a good thing. It gives children real responsibility and helps them mature mentally and physically. Every child should have the opportunity to spend a year or two on a farm. If I knew where that little tractor was now, I think I'd buy it just to drive around the yard.

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