Wednesday, April 1, 2009


I'm an avid race fan. I don't even mind left turns. NASCAR is doing good on keeping the drivers safe. I do see one problem. Much of the excitement is gone because the cars are so equal. I know drivers can make the difference but it is more about strategy than about great driving. Some of the drivers still have the thrill of driving in their blood but, I fear, many are turning into billboards. They ride around at a relatively safe speed holding up their sign. Others may have become fearful of a crash. I noticed that there are two drivers who were in burning vehicles a couple of years back and have failed to be contenders since then. I really understand, it is a terrible thing to be trapped. I don't fall out with them. The thing is, if they are afraid to race, it would be safer for everyone if they would retire. Cars going around at a much slower pace than the field cause extra danger for everyone out there.

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