Monday, April 20, 2009

A Nail Won't Hold in Rotten Wood

Try nailing a piece of rotten wood to a good piece and you will find that it does not work. There are things about our country that are rotten. People can fix and fix but it will not change the quality of that stick of wood.

It will take time to rebuild our country to the strong state it once was. We are still able to defend ourselves but there are places where things need to be repaired and rebuilt. I won't go into a list of things. My point for saying this is that a lot of the systems that are set up are just plain useless. Others, we must have for the sake of the sick and needy.

The governments answer to all our problems is to grow itself larger and larger. Any program they set up requires a body of administrators or a bureaucracy. Right! All we need is more red tape.

I think the answers will come from the bottom up. People will privately change their habits as with driving during the gas business. They lowered the price but people have not gone back to burning more gas than they need. It makes the gas companies wonder but it is a good thing. Businesses are finding that they must change their attitude toward their employees. As in, better to do a 4 day week and keep the people working instead of working five and having to lay off people. People have become aware that their spending helps others keep their job, so a turn toward local spending is happening. I don't know if these trends will keep up but I hope they do. I also hope local businesses appreciate the trend and treat customers nice when they come in.

In other areas, people will have to practice self discipline. The drug problem will not stop until people stop drowning their troubles in dope. We need a generation of people (again) that will face up to their problems instead of sending themselves into oblivion and leaving the problems for others.

Homelessness could be slowed tremendously if bankers and mortgage holders would put themselves in the place of the homeowners and have a little patience with them. Give them time to find another job. What's wrong with tacking a few payments onto the end of the contract.

Obviously, we have some rebuilding to do. The government can help but they cannot solve the problem. They will never be able to police big business unto they get the bad guy at the top who starts the scams. Scams should be nipped in the bud and not allowed to continue to the point of doing national harm. They don't have to regulate everything, just lock up the crooks.

Rebuilding will come from neighbors helping neighbors.

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