Monday, April 6, 2009

Stop Shooting and Talk about IT

I get away from the television for a few hours and the people go nuts. There are just some things you don't go around copying. Shooting people is at the top of the list next to diving into a septic tank. Perhaps that has a little humor in it but these stories are no way funny. What are people thinking when they shoot their family???? It does not make a statement for them. It does not undo what ever it was that got them angry or depressed. It solves no problem. None. So, times are hard. Americans cut their teeth on hard times. We can enjoy the good times and buckle down in the bad. It's tough sometimes but that's who we are. We tough it out and make do. There is no need to be embarrassed when the big house is yanked out from under you, people will respect you in the little house or apartment too. It may not have as much room but mostly we have too much stuff (that we never see or use) anyway. It is not fun - fun but it can be challenging fun to figure out how to split up a smaller income and beat the system by getting by anyway. Scam artists in fancy suits have ripped off the American people, we can get over them and most of them will have their payday as well. I am just begging people to calm down, take a deep breath and deal with their problems. Hurting others is not the answer. Put your heads together and hold hands and make a plan. Skip some things to make ends meet. Learn to like each other's company. Spend time together instead of going the social circuit and keeping up appearances. Learn to change a spark plug instead of paying ten prices to get them changed. Cook instead of going out. Turn off some lights. Try being a year behind on style and take advantage of the bargain prices. Forget the advertisements where sellers try to change your lifestyle to fit their products. You know, I don't mean to tell you what to do. I'm just saying, think about it, talk about it, take the hard times as a challenge and not as the end of the world. Someone makes you mad, feel sorry for their bad manners and ignorance. They too need understanding. Guns have always been a part of our lives. The police use them to keep order. The armies use them to win wars. We keep them for protection and the constitution gives us that right. Guns are not the answer to personal problems for intelligent people. We have reason and responsibility. We can solve almost any problem if we take the time to apply ourselves. If we go ballistic without thinking, the bad guys win. Please don't let that happen. Let the children grow up and have some happy times. They will need guidance but they will also find some happiness. They deserve for us to let that happen. Get help if you need it. People do people wrong sometimes but we all know that about everyone can be a bit looney at times. They will get over it. We must not let hard times and the friction of life cause us to make rash decisions. I don't mean to lay my problems on anyone but I've had cancer, I've lost my home and had all I own in a car. I can hardly walk a lot of the time but I have found that a rose still smells sweet if I take the time to notice and that God still listens. So hang in there, the storm will pass and please don't hurt anyone.

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