Monday, April 6, 2009

Salmon Omega 3

They tell me salmon has omega-3 in it. I personally have not seen it to verify this claim. They say omega 3 is good for you. I don't doubt it but all those people must know about it. So, I try to get my share of omega 3. Eating salmon and flounder fish at least once a week is my effort at doing this. The methods for cooking these two fish are much different. I know you can find better instructions than mine. But this is how I do it. First off, it takes a while to cook salmon while flounder cooks in about 7 or 8 minutes. Any longer on flounder and you get fish soup and the flavor is in the house instead of in the meat. So for flounder, you can toss it in a fry pan and put on basil, garlic, a spoon of lemon juice and some lemon pepper, fry it for a bit and flip it over. It'll turn white when it is ready to eat. I suggest cooking everything you are having with it first, put it on warm, then do the fish. Salmon, I marinade for a couple of hours in basil, garlic, lemon pepper and lemon juice. When I'm ready, I put it in a baking dish and add some of the marinade stuff perhaps covering the salmon about half way. Cover with foil and cook on about 375. After 15 minutes or so, I take it out flip it and slice it in serving sizes. It gives it a chance to tender up and makes it easier to get out when served. Another fifteen minutes and it should be done. Just one more thing, salmon is very filling. It is compact or dense meat, so it does take not as large a piece to fill you up as flounder. I get by with a piece about the size of my fingers held together measured from the knuckles down, about 3x3 inches. The first time I cooked salmon, I did it like regular fish and it was no where near done. You can also bake the flounder but I prefer to fry it so I can watch it closer. Salmon and flounder. That's my story on that. It taste good too and those packages where the pieces are individually sealed are a good idea too. I also like to get it where the skin is removed. I can cut it off (it peels off pretty easy) but I just don't like to. If there happens to be no omega 3, no big deal, it taste good and makes a pretty plate with some greens, corn or rice and a few carrots for color. That's my fish story. I said one more thing, sorry to ramble on after that.

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