Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Call it something Different, It is still war

Obama has apparently come to the realization that terrorist must be stopped. Right now the focus has shifted from Iraq toward Pakistan (Pokistan as he says). He calls it something like a shift in resources, Bush just said it plainly...invasion. I do not think we will make a ground assault on Pakistan unless they ask for help. I cannot help but wonder about two countries that have been fighting for decades over a small piece of land called Kashmir. Maybe I spelled that right.

The very issues that won Obama the office now face him and like Mister Bush, he must confront those issues. He is good at calling an apple an orange but they are still fruit nevertheless.

He can lay blame whereeer he pleases and most people will accept it as fact but a review of the last 15 years will show where the blame lies.

I still believe that the inaction of Congress during the last year of Mister Bush's term caused the meltdown of the financial market. They stopped all he tried to do to make him look bad. Check it out.

So, even if one plays the name game and the blame game, the issues are the same and the reactions are the same in some form or another. Mister Obama has a hard job. Reality is his main course now.

America doesn't read anymore (much) but I think the history books (honest ones) will show Mister Bush in a different light than what is said now by many. I also think the blame will be (or should be) laid at the right door if there remains any integrity at all.

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