Monday, March 16, 2009

Coupons, Sales, Extra Bucks

It is almost irresistable, you go to the drug store and they give you extra bucks at the bottom of the register receipt, the grocery store prints them on the back, the website lets you print coupons right to the printer ('course some are trying to ruin that by cheating-but so far it works). It actually does save some money. Not as much as resisting those impluse items though. Anyway if you can't resist, the savings can offset the impluse. I've only recently got on this kick again. Sometimes you can go directly to a company website and find a coupon book or a special offer. They want us to do it. It helps sell their products.

Okay, it is a little aggravating, I'll admit that. People stare sometimes when you are going through the coupons. "Do I want that? I don't know. Let me see if I have a coupon or is it on sale or do you get one free?" Well, they will have to stare. If I can save some money, I can use it for something else. Might even share the savings with someone else. Example, four coupons doubled will get me a quart of oil for the car I can't afford to trade. I buy one, get one free means next week I won't have to buy that item and can look for another bargain. Eventually, the stock builds up and so do savings, i.e. money saved on the items, not necessarily money in the bank. (I wish.)

The other day I noticed that the grocery store was putting coupons for $5 off at the hardware store. Maybe that's a bag of dirt for the rose bush.

I wouldn't go buy coupons on ebay. Anybody can print coupons and ruin the whole thing. I hope that don't happen.

compassion talk.

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