Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The Record Builds

Presidents get a few months to do pretty much what they want to do before the Washington honeymoon is over. I see signs that Obama's is about over. When it gets hot in Washington, he travels. In a time of economic trouble, he sure likes to launch Air Force One, a million here, a million there. It is a good distraction and it keeps him in the news. Any time the president travels the media covers it.

In other news:

-the Congress and the media are finally getting it about AIG. They ripped off the people then the government before they got caught. I can picture executives sitting on some beach in a foreign country laughing their...LOL.
-the rush is on to hunt for cures in little baby embryos after Obama signed a bill or executive order to let it happen
-Obama plans to join the UN in lifting the criminalization of homosexuality worldwide
-their was a car wreck someplace on the nations highways yesterday, it is not known if anyone was injured
-my blogs never get even random hits from Russia or China. Or they still closed to the Internet
-Obama received over 100,000 dollars from AIG as did other people in high places
-trees are considering a 'stand in' to protest all the money being printed at their expense
-spring is knocking, flowers are blooming and we got rain recently, that's a nice turn
-homelessness has increased, somewhere children are sleeping where ever they can find a place to lay down, while their parents weep
-newspapers are closing down. It makes one wonder what people will do while they drink their coffee.

If I had money I did not need, I'd invest some in the stock market, (even though I do not like it) and cash in in five years if I live until then. I'd pick companies that the government have not bought in to. That's not advice, it is just that the prices are right and the investment would be much less. Also, it might help some company stay afloat and help someone have a job.

My little Ford Escort.

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