Monday, March 16, 2009


A lot can be said about the need for compassion. I heard a preacher talking about it over the weekend. People don't talk much about the little things they do to help others. Many go out of their way to quietly help someone without wanting or expecting any praise or earthly reward. It is as simple as seeing the need and sharing. It is heart warming to know that my fellow citizens are such giving people. We are not bound by border crossings or political inclinations. A child is a child where ever you find them. Hunger is painful where ever it exist. People do not have to take away from their family or move mountains. A small deed or gift on a consistent basis can make a tremendous difference in some one's life. Child sponsorship is a good way to help someone grow up to be a better person. It takes away some of the child's pain if they live in a very poor area. I feel that going to an elderly person's house and cooking them an occasional meal is a good way to show that one cares. It doesn't cost much and the elderly persons or person can just sit and talk and then enjoy a good wholesome meal. A package of some household item that people on a fixed income might run out of toward the end of the month is another way to show compassion and to make a good friend. Just call and ask are you out of anything, I know it is getting close to the end of the month and your check does not come for another week or two. I do not like throwing money out there to large organizations and paying a bunch of salaries. There are cases where it takes a large organization to cross borders and deal with officials and I support that. But there are things one can do close to home that really only takes a little money and time. Perhaps giving is the way to pull us out of this time of trouble. Anyway I just wanted to kick the subject around. Maybe pennies could be better used in helping another person than sitting in a jar. It cost between $25 and $32 to sponsor a child. It cost about $10 to prepare a healthy meal. A package of tissue cost around $6 or $7 dollars. See. That ain't too hard.

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