Tuesday, March 17, 2009

My Little Ford Escort LX

We parked our 1996 Escort LX to give it some rest and much needed repairs. The weather is finally clearing up some so I can get out there and tinker. We were able to get a battery the other day and I turned the motor over, it fired right up. Today I put some struts on the hatchback. I got the wrong part at first at the local auto store but found the correct ones online at Rock something. They give good service and the part worked fine, just four bolts to take out and put back then a ring on each end to pop out partway. The end where the ring is just pops back on. Pretty nice. It is better to have someone hold the lid up like the instructions say but I used a stick. Sorry about that. I was careful not to get my fingers where they would get smashed if it fail. I just stuck the wrench in to reach the blots and kept my fingers clear. Next I will give the front brake pads a try. I have a book on the car so I think I can manage that, if the parts are right. I've got a problem with the heat hand not working but it will move when the key is turned on.. it just don't register the temp. I'm guessing it is a sensor or something like that. To get it like I want it, I got to replace the shocks/struts to get the ride back it used to have. Don't know if I can do that job or not. The value cover leaks a little so I will replace that gasket, just a couple of bolts there. Anyway, probably no one cares that I am doing all this but at least now I have a record of when I started and how far I've come on the project. Our other car is not running smooth, so we may have to put the Escort back on the road sooner than expected. Until next time, be safe and no wobbly jacks.

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