Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Can you ever believe a commercial on television? I think some are honest, others are just confusing.

When it comes to the digital change I went through some unnecessary stuff trying to at least get the stations we usually watch. I ran an extra hookup to my computer into the living room (through the wall) so I could get some programs a week late. I hate watching stuff that other people have already seen. Then I found some instructions on how to make a digital antenna. I worked on that for several weeks, gathering up some clothes hangers, a piece of wood and a transformer. It got me the PBS stations. Of course, I had already ordered my free converter box.

Finally, in disgust, I hooked the converter box and the booster to my old rabbit ear antenna and wow, I got stations. The reception is not great but I get a couple of more channels than I did on analog. Reception is good on those that I do get well.

It was a good exercise in TV survival but it turns out that most of my efforts were unnecessary.

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