Thursday, March 5, 2009

Are Angels on Ships?

I think so. It was a stormy night, a young Marine was on a Navy ship somewhere in the Pacific. Seasickness set in. A Marine could not just go tell the CO: I'm sick. He decided to go for a walk on deck, hoping the fresh air would clear his head. There was a ladder that went up to a short corridor which led to a door. Outside the door was a walk that went around the outside. It had a waist high rail. Beyond that rail was the ocean. You know the ocean is not blue under those conditions. It is pitch black. Once the door was cracked, the strong wind from outside caught the door and flung it back on its hinges. The young Marine still gripped the door knob and was carried along with the force of the wind. In an instant, he was balanced on top of the rail. His head hanging over the ocean, his feet parallel with the deck. All his body was beyond the rail from his finger tips to his head. As he was blown over, he caught by his finger tips, not his palms but the tips of his fingers. There was no occasion to move to get a better grip. The ship rocked and the wind blew. It seemed like forever. The balance was against the law of gravity. Most of his weight was over the side. Then a strange thing happened. For no reason his feet started descending toward the deck very slowly. He did not move his finger tip grip. Finally he felt the floor and achieved a firm grip with his feet. There seemed no other explanation that that God had sent an angel to push his feet back down.

Never punch a cow when you are milking.

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