Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Leaders and Followers

Some people are just cut out to be leaders and some are not. I heard a story one time about some men who were digging a ditch. Another man stood over those digging the ditch while they worked. One man looked up and asked. "Why are you up there watching and I am down here digging." The man watching said, "Because I am smarter than you are."

"How do you know you are smarter than I am?" The man in the ditch asked.
"Come up here and I will prove it." The watcher said. The man climbed out of the ditch and together they walked over to a big old oak tree. The watcher held his hand in front of the tree trunk and told the digger. "Hit my hand." The digger took a big swing. The watcher moved his hand and the fist of the digger crashed into the tree trunk causing him extreme pain. He walked back to the ditch, jumped in and went back to work.

A friend asked him. "Well, did you find out why you are digging and he is watching." The digger said "Yes." and held up his hand in front of his own face. "Here." He said. "Hit my hand." .

Stem cell research.

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