Monday, March 9, 2009

AIG Citi, Bank of America

AIG keeps being in the news. I cannot help but wonder why the government continues to give them money when the same people are running the company. My suspicion is rising that there are those who have personal interest in seeing AIG survive as a company. Or is it that the government is so involved financial with AIG that they are somehow forced to dump money into their laps. The commercial says "if you find yourself in a hole, stop digging". Maybe this Charlie is the smartest guy around.

As for Citi, they are the ones who flood America's mailboxes with those so-called pre-approved credit card offers then charge outrageous interest to people who should not have had a credit card in the first place. They dug the hole. It is time for us to throw the dirt over them.

We survived major wars, licked our wounds and went about our business. Freedom survived. We will survive letting these companies go the way bad companies ought to go. Let nature take its course and be done with it, would be my advice.

You know, the loss they are talking about is the stock market value where people invested money hoping to gain from it. True it is sad that people loose their money but they all knew it could happen or they should not have been playing the stock market. Guess some will just have to bite the bullet.

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