Thursday, March 19, 2009

Comments on the News

Judging from the latest media bits, it seems the Fed is running the country keeping information from the president, treasury and Congress. I don't know if that is the best thing or not but it certainly is not in keeping with the constitution and an open government of the people. Where do they get off spending all that money without some oversight from elected officials?

So did the politicians know anything about the bonuses? There are a couple of ways to know stuff: one is through the official channels which are a matter of public record and then there is the other way where they get told something but with the disclaimer 'you didn't hear it from me'.

I think when the government gets their act together, the country will get its act together. Right now its like a bunch of kids in a candy store. Look at all this candy! or billions in the case of the bailout money!

In other news we had a transformer blow last week which left us without power for a while. The repair crew got right on it. We already had supper cooked and they got it done before the coffee got cold. It did mess up the phone for a while but who wants that thing to ring.

A dog killed a cat too. Someone tried to stop the murder but was unsuccessful. Dog abuse, you know. I mean, you can talk to a dog for hours about not killing cats but they just don't get it unless you show 'em what it feels like. I think humans are setting a bad example for pets with all the wars and street violence. I can't explain it. Dogs just don't like cats and some people just don't like people.

Where is Hillary? Has anyone heard anything? She went to Europe and the Mideast and now nothing but silence. Of well, after 16 years of talking she could use some quiet time.

Al Gore has been quiet about global warming all winter, you'd think the country being frozen over would have given him cause for another book or something.

The Republican Party seems to be in trouble. They still don't get it. Me neither. I just know that a one party system is not democracy, it is something else but I can't come up with a name. Stupid doesn't seem to work. I find it bad that people can buy a public office or tell lies then say whoops after they win. Guess it all comes down to what kind of society the people want. I still think we should just fence in Washington DC and let them play with monopoly money while a more responsive group runs the country. Not a revolution and ignoration. Just kidding, I know I triggered some scanners in some basement somewhere. Maybe it will get me some hits. :)

Look at the title of this blog if you thing I'm fixin' to go nuts!

In more news, I was thinking about the violence in the streets of Iraq and listening to the comments of the people. They are afraid to walk some streets, so am I here at home. They have people shooting people for no reason, we do too. They are having trouble with their markets, ain't we got 'em beat there.

Okay I'm rambling, and now for a song........

Chasing a rooster.

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